BGMI: How to Buy UC From Midasbuy {Complete Details}

BGMI: How to Buy UC From Midasbuy: The BGMI early access has been launched, and players have a variety of methods for purchasing UC in the game. Players may also purchase UC through Midasbuy in BGMI. As a result, keep reading this post for comprehensive instructions on how to purchase UC from Midasbuy in BGMI.

BGMI: How to Buy UC From Midasbuy

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is a fresh new game of India that replaces the previous PUBG Mobile India game. Furthermore, the official trailer for BGMI was released on May 18th. 

Furthermore, BGMI’s early access was just made available to everyone on the Google Play Store. As a result, gamers have begun purchasing UC in BGMI to make in-game transactions. As a result, gamers in BGMI can purchase UC via Midasbuy.

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How to Buy UC from Midasbuy in BGMI

Midasbuy is a reputable store where gamers may buy UC for themselves. Users who make purchases through Midasbuy’s official store will receive additional incentives and, sometimes, discounts.

Step 1: Players must first visit the Midasbuy website by clicking on the link.

Step 2 – Players may also sign up for Midasbuy to earn additional incentives and prizes.

Step 3 – Players must now provide their player id in the dialogue box provided.

Step 4 – After entering their id, gamers may choose from a variety of easy payment methods.

Step-5 – A dialogue window will open on your screen, displaying different terms and restrictions.

Step 6 – Accept the terms and conditions, fill in the needed information, and complete the payment.

Players will get the UC in their BGMI account within 24 hours of completing the payment.

BGMI: How to Buy UC From Midasbuy:
BGMI: How to Buy UC From Midasbuy:

BGMI UC Prize in INR at Midasbuy

  • 60UC – ₹89
  • 300UC + 25UC – ₹449
  • 600UC + 60UC – ₹899
  • 1,500UC + 300UC – ₹2,199
  • 3,000UC + 850UC – ₹4,499
  • 6,000UC + 2,100UC – ₹8,900

In all of today’s games, currency has become a necessary component. Internal money, nicknamed UC or unknown currency, which players may acquire through BGMI, can also be used to purchase bundles, skins, or emotions, much like any other game. It is no secret that every player desires such items. The UC prize has been risen in BGMI compared to the global edition of PUBG Mobile. As a result, they will also consider our suggestions to reduce the UC buying price to a good level.

Also, after the price has been changed, the game will refund extra UC for each UC product as follows. As quickly as feasible, to the accounts that purchased UC earlier to the pricing changes.

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BGMI Is A New Free Game Designed Specifically For Indians. As promised, we’ll be hosting a variety of launch events to commemorate the week and beyond. India Ka Battlegrounds Event rewards you with a free permanent purple outfit as more players join the game, so invite your friends and get ready! There are more events to go now including weekend vibes, celebration time, lifelong friends, and more, all with exciting rewards ranging from outfits to weapon skins and many more.


BGMI: How to Buy UC From Midasbuy:
BGMI: How to Buy UC From Midasbuy:

In India, Krafton continues to surprise its customers with new products. They just announced BGMI, an Indian rebranded version of PUBG Mobile, will be available for early access. They provided early access for everyone in India within a day of announcing the Battlegrounds Mobile India Open Beta for limited users.

Within a few hours of releasing the game to the public, they had surpassed the 5 million download mark. They started sending everyone a crate voucher via in-game mail. The party hasn’t ended yet; Battlegrounds Mobile India gamers are set for another treat. Krafton has announced that the UC would be reduced in price.

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