Bgmi Uc Google Play Redeem Code Error {Fix 100%}

Bgmi Uc Google Play Redeem Code Error: At the moment, BGMI is beset with problems, and each day brings a new one to our attention. First, there was a problem with data transfer to China, then there was a problem with the map not downloading, and now there is a brand new unexpected problem, which is Error on UC Purchase in BGMI with Google Play Redeem Code.

What is Bgmi Uc Google Play Redeem Code Error?

Purchasing any game item using a Google Play Redeem Code is the most convenient and safest method since you do not need to enter any payment method or secret code, which is why the majority of users choose this method. However, Battlegrounds Mobile India is currently experiencing some difficulties with UC purchases made via a Google Play Redeem Code. For Example, As You Can See From The Screenshot Below.

Numerous changes have occurred since the first release of BGMI’s Early Access. Here are some examples. The developer has released a great deal of information on the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, including the Rules of Conduct, Community Policy, and other important information.

New Changes by Krafton on BGMI

It was also necessary to make changes to the price of UC due to the fact that it was more expensive than the game’s worldwide version. A problem with the download of maps and matchmaking was also resolved as a result of this update.

While players cannot now buy UC in BGMI via Google Play, a recent update has shown that Krafton has addressed to the issue in a new development. Krafton has provided answers to queries about the UC acquisition in BGMI via Google.

In-game money (UC) could not be purchased using Google Pay as a payment method since the payment option was not available. In response, the developer has posted a message on the official website of BGMI’s Business Group Management Institute.

The following is stated in the document:

“We have discovered that the option to buy UC using a Google Play redemption code is showing up even though the feature is not yet accessible to users in BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA. As a result, we would like to notify you that buying UC via Google Play is not presently feasible; we will keep you informed as soon as the option to purchase UC through Google Play becomes available. Thank you very much.” – KRAFTON

As previously stated, buying UC via Google Play is not possible at this time. However, it is anticipated that this option will be made accessible in the near future. All that is left for users to do is wait. Once the site is up and running, the creators will make an announcement on their social media accounts and website. It is possible that you will only be able to purchase it after connecting to a VPN.

This is not a good deal since BGMI is only available to Indians and Indian users, thus purchasing it would be pointless. You may be wondering how to resolve this issue and resolve the issue of UC Purchase using Google Play Gift Card. Here’s what you should do. The BGMI team has identified the problem, and they have also said that it would be resolved as soon as possible this morning.

It is necessary to wait until it is repaired, after which you will be able to proceed with your purchase without difficulty. If you are unsure of how to purchase UC in BGMI, you may follow the steps outlined below.

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