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Biography of Dream: Dream is a YouTuber and Twitch broadcaster from the United States who is most known for his Minecraft work. He started his YouTube career in 2014 and achieved significant fame in 2019 and 2020 as a result of the videos he posted on the video game Minecraft that was published on the platform. He is most known for his YouTube series Minecraft Manhunt, as well as for his speedrunning exploits in the game Minecraft. The content that he has produced on his Dream SMP Minecraft server has also received a great deal of attention. The combined audience for his seven YouTube channels has achieved more than 33.8 million members and garnered more than 2.36 billion views as of June 2021. In 2020, YouTube presented Dream with the Streamy Award for Gaming Achievement.


Following an inquiry by moderators from the website, Dream was accused of cheating in a Minecraft speedrun at the end of the calendar year 2020. In May 2021, Dream admitted that his game had been modded during the speed runs in question, but claimed that he had not realized that the mod increased the chances of obtaining certain items because the mod’s developer had added the increased drop rates without informing Dream of the change in advance.

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Dream Achievements

As Dream has not revealed his face yet. There is no more info to display about but in 2020 he has won the best streamers award for Minecraft.

Dream SMP Minecraft Server

A member of the “Dream Team,” Dream is a YouTuber who works with fellow YouTubers Sapnap and GeorgeNotFound. The group collaborates on the creation of fresh material on a regular basis. They built the Dream SMP Minecraft server in May 2020 so that they could all play together online.

The Dream SMP is a private Survival Multiplayer Minecraft server that is run by Dream and is owned by him. Dream, as well as other well-known Minecraft content producers, likes playing on it. The server is split into factions, and there is a lot of roleplay going on. Major events are lightly planned in advance, with the majority of the rest being improvised and broadcast live on YouTube and Twitch. A recent article published in Wired characterized the Dream SMP as a kind of live theatre and a political play in the “Machiavellian tradition.” Over one million people tuned in to the live streams during the month of January 2021, according to the author.

SMP Dream

Dream Youtuber Carrer

When Dream and another YouTuber, GeorgeNotFound, posted a video on their channel in January 2020, they showed how they had linked an Arduino board to an electric dog collar, which would deliver an electric shock anytime a player’s health was depleted in the game Minecraft.

In lieu of their yearly YouTube Rewind series, YouTube will present a list of their most popular trending videos and creators in December 2020, replacing the series. According to the YouTube ranking, Dream’s “Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters GRAND FINALE” video was the seventh most popular “Top Trending Video” in the United States, and Dream was ranked as the second most popular “Top Creator” and the first most popular “Breakout Creator.” A Livestream by Dream on YouTube in November 2020 with approximately 700,000 peak viewers was the sixth most-watched gaming stream of all time as of January 2021. According to a December 2020 Polygon article, “2020 has been a great year for Dream,” and he is now “YouTube’s largest gaming channel at the moment,” according to post.

Dream SpeedRun Controversy

The Minecraft verification team at decided to delete his run off the site on December 11, 2020, after a two-month inquiry into his actions. Dream posted a 14-minute video to YouTube as well as a report based on his analysis of six archived livestreams of speedrunning sessions from around the time of the record; they came to the conclusion that the game had been altered to increase the likelihood of obtaining certain items required to complete the game above and beyond the standard chance. According to the report, the odds of Dream obtaining the items legitimately were 1 in 7.5 trillion.Dream responded with a commissioned report written by an anonymous statistician, who he claimed was an astrophysicist.


The report stated that the actual odds of Dream obtaining the items legitimately were 1 in 10 million. Dot Esports stated that the retaliation was unjustified and that the allegations were unfounded. The moderation crew stood by their decision and responded to Dream’s complaint with a response of their own. Dream stated in a tweet that he would accept their choice, but that he would not take responsibility for it.

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