Bouncer Fortnite: Location and Complete Details

Bouncer Fortnite: After almost three seasons of absence, the Bouncer has returned to Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 to participate in the Amazing Web crazy week. For those unaware, this trap functions as a launch pad, capable of propelling players in practically any direction they like. As if that weren’t handy enough, the returning object seems to be scattered around the game’s map. Lets see more details on Bouncer Fortnite.

Bouncer Fortnite
Bouncer Fortnite

Bouncer Fortnite may be found in chests or as ground treasure in certain areas. Three Bouncers will be distributed when picking up the item. And there is no limit on how many a player may have. As with the majority of other traps, the object may then be set on any flat surface (including walls) and utilised to propel players in the direction it faces.

Bouncer Fortnite Location and Complete Details

According to the patch notes for v10.40, Bouncer traps or Bouncer Fortnite may still be found in Llamas, supply drops, vending machines, and floor loot, and will drop in stacks of three. The bouncer trap is simply a hop rock substitute in Bouncer Fortnite. If they are next to a player, they deliver a short burst of mobility. Once in the air, players will not suffer any fall damage. Due to the fact that Bouncers arrive in stacks of three, players must be cautious with their usage on Bouncer Fortnite.

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The bouncer trap is very advantageous in Fortnite since it enables players to easily travel. The map without using a vehicle. It might be employed as a decoy against the B.R.U.T.E mechs, but there is nothing that can be done to stop such strong machines. The v10.40 release has received much acclaim so far from the community. Along with the Bouncer Fortnite trap’s return, Epic offered the Combine LTM and a Legendary Tactical SMG.

Bouncer Fortnite is back in Fortnite

Those interested in use the Bouncer Fortnite trap must move quickly, since it will be vaulted once again after the Amazing Web Week concludes on March 8. Players may participate in a few Bouncer-specific tasks during this period, such as employing the trap in conjunction with a Quadcrasher to land stunts and doing damage while flying from a Bouncer in Fortnite.

The Fortnite Bouncer Trap item has officially arrived in the blockbuster game’s Battle Royale mode, and we’ve got all the details on how to grab it right here in our Fortnite Bouncer Trap guide. We’ll guide you through how to get the Bouncer Trap item, as well as how to use it to its full capacity.

Bouncer Fortnite
Bouncer Fortnite

It’s very possible that the Jump Pad item may be tied to a series of Fortnite Weekly Challenges in the future, which will launch on Thursdays throughout Season 4. For a comprehensive rundown of the newest Fortnite challenges, see our Week 6 Challenges guide.

Having said that, it is very unlikely that it will be included in Fortnite’s forthcoming Week 6 Challenges. These have been leaked, and they make no mention of the Bouncer Trap, but we should absolutely keep a watch out for a future challenge centred on the item.

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What Does the Fortnite Bouncer Do in Fortnite?

Therefore, what is the purpose of the new Fortnite Bouncer item? Simply explained, the Jump Pad propels your character to incredible heights when you step on it. Much as a stack of tyres might. Additionally, there is no fall damage while using the Bouncer. Allowing you to launch your character in any direction without worry of dying.

There is no definite information on where you may purchase a Bouncer in Fortnite at the moment, but we can make an informed estimate. As with the Jetpack, the Bouncer will most likely only be found in chests in Fortnite Battle Royale. Serving as one of the game’s uncommon equipment.

Bouncer Fortnite
Bouncer Fortnite

Additionally, we can reasonably assume that it will behave similarly to a trap in Fortnite, taking up a single spot in your inventory when picked up. There are certain to be some innovative new techniques used with the Jump Pad in Fortnite. As we anticipate a large number of players will use the Bouncer Fortnite TRAP to purposely send individuals into the air, picking them off in the process.


Epic Games reintroduced the Bouncer trap to Fortnite. Battle Royale in the v10.40 update today. Since its removal from public matches in September 2018, the Bouncer Fortnite trap has remained unchanged. Sean Hamilton, Epic’s community coordinator, said that the Bouncer trap was initially deleted due to “the recent flood of mobility goods.” However, with the removal of some mobile devices such as Planes and the Quadcrasher. The Bouncer in Fortnite has been resurrected.

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