How to Craft a Trident in Minecraft {Complete Guide}

How to Craft a Trident in Minecraft: Finding tridents in Minecraft may be challenging due to the fact that they cannot be manufactured and are very uncommon. Here’s how players can get their hands on this lethal weapon. The Aquatic update brought with it the addition of tridents to Minecraft.

How to Craft a Trident in Minecraft
How to Craft a Trident in Minecraft

When compared to all other weapons in the game, the trident is a one-of-a-kind weapon that is also one of the most difficult to come by. Fighting underwater gangs may be a terrifying experience. Players must maintain control of their breathing when underwater, and they are unable to wield a bow. Tridents are the ideal weapon for underwater warfare since they are so light.

Tridents, when enchanted with the Impaling V Enchantment, may inflict tremendous damage to aquatic creatures. On a rainy day, players may use a riptide-enchanted trident to soar through the air. During a thunderstorm, they may unleash lightning strikes on monsters by channeling the power of the channeling enchantment.

Is it Possible to Craft a Trident?

Tactical weapons such as tridents are not possible to manufacture in Minecraft due to technical limitations. The only way to acquire them is to murder people who have drowned. After murdering a drowning person while wielding a trident, you have a 0.53 percent chance of receiving a trident as a reward. When dealing with these monsters, players may increase their odds of success by using a looting III sword.

Drowned may spawn in river and ocean biomes, among other places. Players have a greater chance of seeing these uncommon monsters in seas than they do in rivers, according to the game. Drowned like to lay their eggs in gloomy regions of the water. The deep ocean biome is a great place to look for drowned creatures. Unfortunately, not every drowned spawn emerges from the water with a trident in hand. Drowned creatures will only produce a trident in 6.25 percent of cases [15 percent in Bedrock cases]. Players will have to sift through a lot of debris in order to locate a single trident.

Attacks used by Trident

While holding a trident, pressing and holding the use button charges it. When the trident is fully charged and unleashed, it is hurled and does harm to any creature it comes into contact with. It has a ballistic trajectory comparable to that of an arrow, yet it has 80 percent the strength of an arrow. If the trident comes into contact with a block, it becomes stuck to the block. If it collides with an object, it bounces off of the object and falls nearby. It is similarly hindered by shields, although it may be recovered after it has landed on solid terrain. Thrown tridents may activate wooden buttons, wooden pressure plates, and target blocks, among other things. It is possible to shatter a chorus flower or pointed dripstone with a trident, causing the block to be dropped as the item associated with it.

The thrower’s tridents are returned to him after hitting a mob hitting and bouncing off a mob and then hitting a block hitting and bouncing off a block and then hitting a block or simply striking a block. Longer recuperation periods are associated with greater degrees of enchantment. Tossing a trident enchanted with Loyalty into the void destroys it in the Java Edition while throwing it into the void restores it to the player in the Bedrock Edition.

Can Tridents be Damaged?

How to Craft a Trident in Minecraft

Tridents may be damaged by fire but will still return to the player if they are tossed into lava. This is particularly useful in the Nether if the player is wielding a trident instead of a bow, as is the case throughout much of the game. It is possible for players who do not have enough inventory space to have their trident enchanted with Loyalty try to return to their home by floating near them until they have enough inventory space.

Throwing tridents enchanted with Riptide launches the player a set distance, with the distance rising as the enchantment level of the tridents becomes greater. They can only be thrown if the player is standing in water or if it is raining on the block that they are standing on when they are thrown. Similarly, if the player charges it but then goes into a dry area nearby, the charge is voided. It is possible for a monster to suffer melee damage when the player throws a Riptide trident and collides with it (including critical damage if the player is falling). Tridents enchanted with Riptide in the Java Version suffer one durability damage when thrown, and they suffer an extra one durability damage if they connect with an entity in any edition of the game.

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