Cut power to Control Panels in Fortnite: Command Cavern locations & guide


Everyone looking for point’s in the Fortnite game to level up or buy virtual currency. If you cut shut off power to all Control Panels, you’ll receive 23,000 XP. Here are the locations of the Control Panels at Command Cavern in Fortnite: Chapter 3, Season 2’s Resistance Quests.

Three Control Panels can be found at Command Cavern, located on the west side of the Fortnite map. Once you locate and destroy the Control Panels, you can disable the power supply to them.

To get to the Control Panels quickly, you’ll need to enter Command Cavern from the southern entrance. You can find them all in secret rooms, and we’ll go over each one’s location.

Control Panel 1 of the Fortnite Command Cavern

The first Control Panel at Command Cavern can be found by following these instructions:

  • Enter Command Cavern through the southern entrance.
  • If you’re facing the staircase, move up it.
  • Use the right-side vent to get in.
  • You must move through the vents until you find the Control Panel, which is hidden in a dark corner.

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Location 2 of the Fortnite Command Cavern Control Panel

This is your way back to the main entrance after destroying the first Control Panel. You can then proceed to Command Cavern’s second Control Panel from there.

The next Control Panel location is as follows:

  • To the left of the stairs, turn left.
  • Enter through the first left-hand door.
  • Utilize the room’s back vent to obtain entry.
  • The Control Panel and some loot can be found in the hidden room.

Location 3 of the Fortnite Command Cavern Control Panel

You’ll need to head to the center of Command Cavern to find a Vault Door in order to destroy the final Control Panel.

The third Control Panel location is shown here:

  • Enter Command Cavern’s core.
  • The northwest corner of the map is where you need to go.
  • Head into the underpass by the Vault Door.
  • Your right side is a vent, so enter it.
  • The second vent on your right should be your destination.
  • Enter the hidden room to destroy the last Control Panel.

In the Command Cavern, once you’ve shut off power to all three Control Panels, you’ll receive 23,000 XP. To complete this Resistance Quest, you’ll need to know all of this information.

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That concludes our look at Fortnite’s Control Panel power down guide. If you follow all instructions then you will definitely destroy panels. Thank you for your time

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