Deploy Pallets With Cat Food in Fortnite! Complete Details

Deploy Pallets With Cat Food in Fortnite: If you need assistance in locating the Fortnite cat food pallet locations for one of Marigold’s week 13 tasks, we can assist you with that as well. In order to complete this legendary task in Fortnite, you must put two pallets filled with cat food around Corny Complex.

Fortunately, there are only three potential sites in the surrounding region, and they are all quite near to one another. We suggest landing in Corny Complex before the start of your next match so that you may swiftly deploy the two cat food pallets to complete this task, and then you can concentrate on winning the match once you have completed it.


When and where should Fortnite pallets with cat food be deployed?

To complete the last legendary challenge for Fortnite week 13, you must place pallets filled with cat food throughout the IO base. Presumably, this is intended to aid in the battle against the alien invasion in some way. Do extraterrestrials like Friskies? My knowledge of the subject is limited since I am not a secret spy charged with rescuing the world. Because this task is just another treasure search throughout the Corny Complex, it shouldn’t be too difficult for the team. – Get Free Skins and V-Bucks In Fortnite

You’ll just need to fill two pallets with cat food, but I counted at least three different choices, so this task shouldn’t take long if you know where to search for the right materials. Continue reading for the whole guide. You should keep in mind that you must finish the previous Fortnite tasks from this week in order for this challenge to become available.

Pallet placements for cat food in Fortnite

The Imagined Order is under surveillance, and Marigold has assigned you a slew of missions in week 13 to track down and eliminate the snooping mole. In this task, you’ll be attempting to entice the mole out of hiding by placing a pallet with cat food in two of the three available places around Corny Complex.

Near the red barn in the middle of Corny Complex, you’ll find all three places where Fortnite cat food pallets may be placed for use by players. To put the Fortnite cat food pallet, all you have to do is climb up to the appropriate location and interact with it.

The following may be found on the route between the barn and the stables:

One of the best places to find cat food pallets is immediately northwest of the barn, along a route that connects it to the south side of the stables with the grey roof and goes between its north and south sides.

The area behind the tractor shed includes the following:

On the east side of the red barn, there is a tiny red tractor shed with a white roof. A second cat food pallet may be found behind this shed.

In the vicinity of the barn, next to a tree:

A tree with some pebbles and wooden boxes next to it may be found to the south of the barn and to the west of the tiny agricultural field. A cat food pallet may be found just next to this tree. When you get into your next match, get off of the Battle Bus and go directly to Corny Complex to prepare for the match. Despite the fact that all three of the cat food pallet deployment sites are very near to one another, we suggest starting with those on the walkway and behind the tractor shed since they are the most convenient.

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This is a simple task that can be completed in a regular solo Battle Royale battle, or you can team up with some friends and finish the challenge as a group. The reward for finishing this task for Marigold is 30,000 experience points, which will be very useful for leveling up this season’s Battle Pass before Chapter 2 Season 8 begins. She also has a slew of additional Fortnite legendary tasks for you to do in week 13, and finishing them all will get you 165,000 XP, so it’s definitely worth your time to complete them all.

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