How to Destroy Fortnite Gatherers and Locations

How to Destroy Fortnite Gatherers and Locations: The fourth season of Fortnite’s Chapter 2 has been a resounding success. Fortnite has been jam-packed with fresh content throughout the month, with new content arriving week after week. Fortnite Week 4 challenges have been released for the fourth week of the season. Destroying chests at the Collection, hacking Stark robotics, and destroying gatherers are among the Week 4 tasks. The issue of destroying and locating the gatherers is one that the majority of gamers are having difficulty with.


How to Destroy Gatherers in Fortnite

Among the new kinds of minions that have been added to Fortnite are gatherers. Gatherers are Galactus’s henchmen who work for him. They are artificial intelligence-controlled robots that work for Galactus. Season 4 of Fortnite has already seen the introduction of several AI-controlled bots.

These artificial intelligence-controlled robots, known as Stark bots, are commanded by Tony Stark, while Doom Henchmen are managed by Dr. Doom and have been placed on Fortnite Island this season. Gatherer bots take the shape of drones that float about the map, gathering information. The player must find and kill 30 gatherers on the map while also accumulating 10,000 damage points from Gatherer remnants in order to complete the challenge.

Gatherers’ Base of Operations in Fortnite

In order to locate the Gatherers, the player must first locate a gorger. Due to the fact that gorgers spawn at random throughout matches, players must be on the lookout for them every time they join a new match. Players must look for a flare of a red laser in the sky to determine the position of a Gorger and then go to that place.

In most cases, Gorgers do not spawn immediately when the match begins; instead, they spawn when the first Storm Circle emerges. Following their successful tracking down of the Gorger, players should stock up on weapons and ammunition, since this is not one of the easier tasks in the game. – Get Free Skins In Fortnite – Get Free Skins In Fortnite

When the player gets near enough to the Gorger, it begins firing at him, forcing the player to fire at its eye. At the same time, gatherer bots begin to emerge from the Gorger to assist the player in his defense against the Gorger.

How to deal damage with a Gatherer’s remains in Fortnite

To accomplish this challenge, the player must eliminate a mind-boggling number of 30 Gatherer drones while simultaneously doing 10,000 damage to the Gatherer drones’ remaining bodies. Gatherer bots will continue to emerge from the gorger until it is completely destroyed.

Players must basically keep evading and inflicting little damage to the gorger until they have killed the necessary number of Gatherer drones, which will take a long time. Gatherer Drones can easily be taken down with a single or two shots to the head. Following their elimination from the game, they collapse to the ground.

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The players may then go to the remnants of the gatherer, where they can pick up their laser beam weapon and begin firing with it to complete the second part of the task and complete the mission. The laser weapon from the Gatherer’s arsenal is still in use, and it does considerably more damage than regular weaponry while also having an infinite supply of ammunition. After performing the aforementioned activity, players will be informed that they have completed the challenge and will be awarded the appropriate amount of XP.

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