How to Destroy Hiding Places in Fortnite {Complete Guide}

How to Destroy Hiding Places in Fortnite: Fortnite newest epic quests for Week 4 are now available, bringing with them a new set of tasks for players to complete in return for massive amounts of experience points. The creators seem to be pushing for players to be more visible this week since one mission necessitates the destruction of hiding spots.

Following the invasion of Fortnite by extraterrestrials, hiding and cowering have become an accepted aspect of everyday life on the island. When caught in the crossfire between aliens and the IO, the best course of action is sometimes to just hide.

How to Destroy Hiding Places in Fortnite
How to Destroy Hiding Places in Fortnite

How to Destroy Hiding Places in Fortnite

Method 1

The first month of the seventh season of the battle royale game has come to an end, and the second month is on its way. The new season introduces an assortment of high-tech extraterrestrial weapons, which is essentially the polar opposite of Season 6’s primitive thematic elements. Developer Epic Games has added the abductors, which provide access to the enormous hovering mothership, as well as invasive alien parasites, which enhance mobility while depleting the player’s health.

A large number of gamers have been doing this for quite some time now and with considerable success. Using hiding spots in-game may help players get out of difficult circumstances at times, but it can also cause them to become “fish in a barrel” in other scenarios.

Most of the time, gamers would lead their opponents to hiding places and then ambush them when they let their guard down. Dumpsters, porta-potties, and even haystacks are available for players to conceal themselves. When concealing, there is always a danger of being found; nevertheless, the advantages of utilizing hiding spots exceed the risks by a large margin. The aliens, it would seem, have taken note of this peculiarity and are now ready to award players with experience points for destroying hidden locations.

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Method 2

In contrast to this week’s forage for food quest, this week’s task is totally simple; it consists of demolishing several hideouts. The term “hiding place” in this context does not relate to a physical location such as a bush or behind a tree, but rather to the small number of items that players may interact with in order to fully hide, such as port-o-potties, hay bales, and dumpsters. Even though locating at least one of them is a very simple job at the majority of Fortnite’s designated sites, eliminating all three in a single battle may be tough if one does not know where to search.

While players are not required to turn on their fellow loopers or agree to serve these alien rulers, it should be noted that they are rewarded with a significant amount of XP for just destroying three hiding places. All things considered, it’s time to demolish hidden locations in order to accomplish the “Destroy Hidden Places” Week 4 Epic challenge in Fortnite Season 7’s Battle Royale mode.

How to accomplish the “Destroy Hidden Places” week 4 Epic challenge in Fortnite Season 7

In order to accomplish this challenge, players will need to locate and destroy hidden hiding spots inside the game. Three hiding spots must be demolished in total, and players will get 30,000 XP as a reward for completing this task. The participants should be informed that there are many various items that may be utilized as hiding spots before starting this task. Dumpsters and haystacks are traditional hiding places.

While porta-potties are the most recent addition. With that stated, here’s how players may accomplish this challenge in the shortest amount of time. Dumpster diving is a term used to describe the act of removing trash from a dumpster. Players won’t have to search in order to discover and demolish hidden areas in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Dumpsters are frequently located all around the island and should be the most straightforward item for players to locate and demolish if discovered. The Pizza Pit and The Orchard are located to the north of the Corny Complex, respectively. Players will have no trouble destroying these two points of interest since they feature a plethora of hiding spots. Due to the fact that these are not hot drop zones, players should be able to complete the job without interruption.

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