Dragon Ball: here are the 6 most cult transformations of Toriyama’s manga


Earlier in the week, we shared this theory with you that Gohan’s latest transformation, discovered in the animated film Dragon Ball Super: Super Herohad already been teased in the anime Dragon Ball Super a few years ago. Because if the universe imagined by Akira Toriyama has become a classic of the genre for many fans, it is partly thanks to its characters who constantly push their limits in terms of power, and this in particular thanks to ever more impressive transformations. This is why we want to come back today to some of the transformations the most cult in the universe dragonballwhich had a special impact on the plot as well as on the fans.

#1 Goku Super Saiyan

We could not start this selection without mentioning THE transformation which marked a decisive turning point in the manga, namely when the protagonist first reached the Super Saiyan stage during the Namek Saga. In a way, it is thanks to his fight against Frieza that Goku managed to obtain this power, which is all the more contradictory for the big bad since it is precisely because of this legend concerning the Super Saiyans that the intergalactic tyrant had decided to destroy planet Vegeta. This transformation, reputed to increase its user’s initial power level by 50, allowed Goku to defeat Frieza, but also and above all to reveal the beginnings of the true power that the Saiyans could achievethus setting the tone for the future transformations of the saga.

super saiyan goku

#2 Frieza Final Form

Although the intergalactic tyrant finally bowed to the Super Saiyan, Frieza also made an impression, in particular thanks to his own transformations.. If his first two transformations were particularly shocking because of the visual evolution of the character, which became more and more frightening and imposing, it is his final form that will prove to be the most surprising. Indeed, while his previous transformations were all more terrifying than each other, the final form revealed a being who seemed at first sight much more frail than the previous iterations. But like the mean and sadistic side of the antagonist, it is indeed in this form that Frieza was the most threatening, allowing him to exploit his capacities to the maximum.

frieza final form

#3 Cell Perfect Shape

When it comes to iconic villain transformations in dragonballwe obviously think of Cell, one of the most popular antagonists of Toriyama’s universe. Considered to be the masterpiece of the famous Dr. Gero, Cell is an artificial human created from the cells of Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, High King Cold and his son Frieza. But in order to reach his full potential, Cell must absorb C-17 and C-18 to unveil his perfect form. We then notice that this mechanic in which the villain absorbs characters to gain power will then be taken up later by another great antagonist of the work, namely Buu. It is therefore after having absorbed C-18 that Cell will reveal its ultimate form, thus resulting in a complete metamorphosis of the character, both physically and psychologically. He will reach such a level of power at this time that he then seemed almost unattainable..


#4 Gohan Super Saiyan 2

Since we were talking about Cell previously, it seemed logical to continue on whoever managed to defeat him, Gohan. Indeed in the same way that Frieza allowed to release the potential of Goku, it was thanks to the arrival of Cell that his son was able to reveal his true power for all to see. Because while Cell dominated Goku and his comrades, the sacrifice of C-16 will put the young Saiyan in such a rage that he will manage for the first time to exceed the Super Saiyan stage, thus transforming himself into Super Saiyan 2. A transformation that allows him to access a whole new level of power and completely outclass Cell. For many fans, Gohan’s transformation into Super Saiyan 2 is one of the most memorable of all the work, especially thanks to the now-famous Father-Son Kamehameha scene of Goku and Gohan.

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#5 Janenba

Appearing in the list of antagonists discovered thanks to the various films of the franchise, Janenba appeared in the twelfth installment, Dragon Ball Z – Fusion Resurrection! Goku and Vegeta released in 1995. And if the character particularly marked the fans, it is probably because of the drastic change in his appearance after his transformation. A transformation that will then appear to be extremely formidable, forcing Goku and Vegeta to resort to fusion to overcome it. It is therefore thanks to him that the fans were able to discover for the first time the character of Gogeta, the result of the Metamol fusion between the two Saiyans. What if Janenba remains an iconic movie villain? dragonballwe can still make a special mention to Brolywhich we also discovered initially in a feature film, and which remained for a long time the incarnation of the Legendary Super Saiyan for many fans.

Dragon Ball Janenba

#6 Vegeta Ozaru

From the beginnings of dragonball, fans have discovered this terrifying ability unique to Saiyans, which allows them to transform into a Giant Ape (or Ōzaru in VO) when they still have their tail and they look at the full Moon. If Goku had given us some glimpses of the devastating potential of this transformation, it is thanks to Vegeta that we were able to realize the power of the transformation into a Giant Ape. Because before being the friend and rival of Goku, Vegeta made his debut as an antagonist in the universe dragonball. And during the Saiyan saga, it was after being defeated by Goku that the Prince of the Saiyans unleashed into Ōzaru, damaging a Goku who was already suffering the backlash of using the Kaioken. It is in particular thanks to this passage that we learned that all Saiyans did not necessarily need the Moon to transform into a Giant Monkey, the star can then be replaced by a ball of energy.

Vegeta Ozaru

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