How To Find Drake’s Map in Fortnite: Location & How To Get

How To Find Drake’s Map in Fortnite: Fortnite Drake’s Map has been disseminated over the island as part of the newest crossover cooperation with the Uncharted series, linking into the most current editions of the game and the Uncharted movie. This isn’t the first time we’ve been able to look for hidden wealth in Fortnite, but considering those prior digs took place approximately three years ago you’d be excused for not knowing that this has occurred before! To acquire treasure using Drake’s Map in Fortnite you need to get your hands on the navigation paper then use it to hunt down the hidden bounty, so here’s all you need to know to locate Uncharted treasures.

Drake Map in Fortnite

Fortnite Drake’s Map has officially joined the normal loot pool, which means there won’t be any special areas where you can ensure to find one in every round. Instead, keep exploring Chests, Supply Drops, and keeping an eye out for floor treasure until you locate one of the distinguishing map objects. Carrying Fortnite Drake’s Map takes up one of the spaces in your inventory, so if you’re already at capacity you’ll need to discard an item or weapon to pick it up.

How To Find Drake's Map in Fortnite
How To Find Drake’s Map in Fortnite

Once you’ve found Fortnite Drake’s Map and collected it, you can select this item in your inventory to project a dotted line onto the island leading towards a location where you can collect treasure if you’ve previously used buried treasure maps or vault keycards in the game then this mechanic should already be familiar to you. A shining beam of light will also rise up from the site, to help you recognize it from a distance.

Follow the instructions supplied by donning the map item until you reach your destination, where you should notice a glowing marker on the ground with a giant X on it. To acquire treasure using Drake’s Map in Fortnite you now simply need to strike the highlighted location repeatedly to uncover a sparkling chest, then search it to obtain Uncharted riches aka a range of priceless goods! Fortnite’s most recent cooperation included Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazier to the game as cosmetic costumes. The two iconic characters from Naughty Dog’s video game franchise and the newly released feature-length film are now accessible through Fortnite’s Item Shop. However, Epic Games’ latest Gaming Legends Series crossover did not stop there.

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Nathan Drake, a seasoned treasure hunter, has more to offer Fortnite gamers than a cornucopia of aesthetic items. The creators used this partnership to reintroduce the much-loved Treasure Map idea first introduced in Chapter 1 Season 8. In Chapter 3 Season 1, Epic officially renamed ‘Buried Treasure’ as ‘Drake’s Map. Today, we’ll discuss where to discover Drake’s Map and how to use it to get significant prizes. We’ve dropped into many matches in the aftermath of Drake’s Map’s addition and discovered them a few times. The item seems to spawn predominantly on the ground in the Sanctuary region, which is densely forested with sand and water. Drake’s Map is most likely to be located in the area shown on the map above.


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