Fortnite Cereal Box Skin: How to Get

Well, first of all, you’ll definitely want to get Fortnite Cereal Box Skin. However, I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out how you can get Cereal Box Skin. Nowadays, In Fortnite season 8, the developers of this game made some changes including some new costumes or character skin.

In Fortnite Season 8, there is a new skin which is resembled a unicorn & very famous or we can say that it is very demandable among the players. Since this character skin is very unique & has some new properties too and it is characterized or designed by Fabio Sparklemane, who is a very well-famous animated costume designer.

Since 2010, many people wants to see or have a desire to see the real unicorn. Thus, the game developers introduced this Cereal skin & very popular in seconds. The skin is very stunning & It contains many in-game properties which are favorable to the players during the gameplay.

How to get Fortnite Cereal Box Skin?

This skin is yet to be launched. But, Some of the YouTubers said or showed that they have the cereal box skin & mainly taken from amazon or any other platforms, but it is only a rumor that Youtubers is spreading.

This could happen in some specific countries where the players of this gameplay are more. The game developers officially said that if this cereal skin makes enough profit for the company, it will also be launched in other countries as well means nowadays the cereal skin is in the trial section.

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About the Fortnite Cereal Box Skin Backpack

But, now the real question arises that what do the players have to do with this cereal box? So, the answer to this question is that the cereal box is a type of backpack that mainly contains the unicorn skin of the player’s character this lies in the backpack of this character. The rucksack of this person looks something like a retail pack of some morning meal grain. What’s more, that is the response to this inquiry.

Fortnite Cereal Box Skin
Fortnite Cereal Box Skin

Sometimes every one of the organizations takes a stab at a novel, new thing to extend their business. Once in a while, they even attempt to do things that are completely different from what they really do. Fortnite Cereal is that new thing that Fortnite is attempting to do with the launching of this skin box.

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Some Information related to the Fortnite Cereal Box Skin

Cereal Box Skin in Fortnite season 8 is a suspense skin among the players as Fortnite has announced its launching before 6 months ago. Actually, the Fortnite Cereal box is pink in color. The Box of cereal Box skin is the same as the box that the unicorn carries in the gameplay. The skin in the cereal box is also pink in color (means unicorn is pink in color)and is in shape with really small circular rings.


Fortnite has already known its big fan base so, the Fortnite cooperations has also found a unique way to advertise its new Cereal box skin. They also know that their gameplay users are spread across almost all countries in the world. So they officially launched the details & information related to the Cereal box skin on its official gameplay website in order to advertise their product i.e., the cereal box skin (unicorn skin).

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The Fortnite gameplay company also launched a video series in which the unicorn animal character is eating the Fortnite Cereal skin Box & which shows that their product is good up to that extent means that the unicorn can’t stop itself from eating the cereals. The backpack of this character is a unique way of advertising the Fortnite company’s skin for the players in the gameplay.

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