How to Get The Fortnite Galaxia 2.0 Skin For Free

How to Get The Fortnite Galaxia 2.0 Skin For Free: If everything goes according to plan, players will be able to get the much sought-after Galaxia 2.0 Fortnite cosmetic at no cost in the near future. Epic’s partnership events with a variety of well-known companies and cultural figures have become well-known in recent years. These partnerships provide a variety of additional features to the game, as well as the opportunity to earn free skins. Gamer’s have been eager to learn how to get the Galaxia 2.0 Fortnite skin for free ever since the announcement of the skin’s release made headlines on different social media websites. This article will go through the specifics of the event and provide players with a general understanding of what is going on.

How to Get The Fortnite Galaxia 2.0 Skin For Free
How to Get The Fortnite Galaxia 2.0 Skin For Free

Season 7 of Fortnite has been one of the most successful seasons in the game’s history. And, considering the level of excitement that Fortnite Season 7 has generated, the timing is right for the game to embark on yet another partnership with the Korean electronics giant. Everyone recalls the last time a Samsung and Fortnite partnership was announced. Loopers who own a Samsung smartphone may be able to compete in a competition exclusive solely to Samsung users. The Galaxia skin was given to the best performers in the tournament as a thank you for their efforts.

Galaxia 2.0 Fortnite skin indicates another Samsung collaboration

Last year, industry behemoths Samsung and Epic Games came to an agreement worth billions of dollars. In addition, gamers who owned a Samsung Galaxy smartphone were invited to a special Fortnite event. The campaign was a resounding success, with gamers from all around the world participating in the event. It was a mutually beneficial outcome for both sides. This collaboration was clearly appreciated by the crowd. A unique Galaxia Fortnite skin was given out for free to the best performers in each area as part of the rewards program, according to Epic Games. The much sought-after skin was subsequently made accessible via the Fortnite Item Shop.

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Recently, data miners were able to extract important information about a potential Samsung cooperation that was previously unavailable. Official Samsung social media accounts have also hinted at the possibility of something big on the horizon in recent weeks. This has, without a doubt, generated a flurry of debate among those involved in the gaming industry. It is believed by data miner fire monkey that the alleged Event Horizon set has anything to do with the Fortnite x Samsung partnership.

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The aforementioned cosmetic package is expected to come in Chapter 2, Season 7, according to the timetable. The Galaxy Starblades pickaxe included in the cosmetic set has the word “Event” inscribed on it, while the cosmetics and back bling does not have any information printed on them. It is possible that the “event” will be another Fortnite x Samsung cooperation, according to data miners. In addition, it is believed that only the top-performing players from each area would get this outfit for free, with the rest of the population having to purchase it from the store.

How to Get The Fortnite Galaxia 2.0 Skin For Free
How to Get The Fortnite Galaxia 2.0 Skin For Free

Will the Fortnite Galaxia 2.0 skin be available for free?

There is a great deal of conjecture around this subject, and it is difficult to determine the exact truth in this situation. Epic is expected to make a formal comment on this subject in the near future, according to gamers. Epic, on the other hand, has chosen an opportune moment to organize a cooperation event with Samsung. It has been an incredible experience for both the creators and the players involved in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7. Fortnite loopers have been drawn in by the game’s frequent content upgrades and the addition of new features. Some have proclaimed 2017 to be the greatest season in the history of the sport. The addition of another Fortnite x Samsung partnership event will be the icing on top of a fantastic year in gaming.

When it comes to the Galaxia skin, not only was it given to the best performers in the Samsung tournament but it was also made available for purchase in the item store later on. The same scenario may happen with the Fortnite Galaxia 2.0 skin if the game is updated to version 2.0. A tournament is currently in the planning stages. The event is scheduled to start live on August 29th, according to the schedule.

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To be eligible to play in the competition, you must have a Samsung smartphone on hand. Having said that, the regulations state that Android devices would be supported, but given that it is a Samsung cooperation, I expect it to be limited to Samsung smartphones exclusively. Surprisingly, the pickaxes in the Galaxia set have the tag “event” on them, while the other cosmetics do not have any such tag on them. This alone is sufficient justification for the community to speculate about a Samsung-only event in the future.

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