Fortnite O2 event: Free Sqeezy Life Unlock Spray and Map Code

Fortnite O2 event: Map code, free spray, rewards, and challenges: The formal debut of Fortnite’s collaboration with the British music group Easy Life has been announced. Players will be required to tour and experience the inside of the O2 Arena as part of the event. The O2 event provides players with a one-of-a-kind experience in the game’s creative mode, which includes both prizes and challenges. Music concerts and other events in Fortnite, as well as other similar activities, enable players to unwind and engage with the game in a more natural way. It’s a welcome diversion from the main game and a fantastic way to bring lovers of different musical genres together in one place.

Players must first go to the main menu and choose the Creative option, followed by the Discover option on the far left of the screen. This will prompt the gamers to enter a map code that will transport them straight to the O2 Live performance, which will take place from June 24th to June 27th.

Fortnite O2 event Squeezy Life
Fortnite O2 event Squeezy Life

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Map Code for Fortnite O2

The map code for the musical event is 2500-3882-9781, and you can find it here.

Inside, players will see a huge white dome with golden support extending from it, along with a statue of a friendly-looking robot that will guide them through the entrance. Almost as if you’re entering a bubble as you go through the circular white and blue entryway with the words “The O2” written on the doorway. When players first enter, they’ll have to navigate their way across a colorful light-up floor and futuristic-looking landscape before reaching the main area. Players will come upon a fountain in the middle of the map that will direct them on where to proceed next. There is a banner to the right that directs gamers to the free Fornite spray and has a picture of a happy drink holding a peace sign. The Squeezy Life spray can be found on the left side of the O2 Blueroom after players have pressed the button on the floor that says: – “Please do not click me ;)”

Squeezy Life Fortnite Unlock Spray

As a result of this, players are transported inside a chamber that has a unique code that can be redeemed for the spray at The code to unlock the Squeezy Life Fortnite spray is 8Z35X-3ZWAB-BC57H-EQTQZ, and it can be found on the bottle. After leaving the O2 Blueroom, the Backstage area may be seen in the vicinity of the exit door. Players will find this area to be a bit challenging.

Squeezy Life
Squeezy Life

Fortnite players who have a keen eye and wish to take part in exploring the region behind Easy Life’s stage will find themselves in the midst of an obstacle course. Then, towards the end of the O2 Blueroom and Backstage area, players may find a secret launch pad on the right side of the statue, which is hidden from view. This takes players to an area where they may “Crowd Surf” on a hoverboard while dodging hazards on floating terrain, a feature that was previously unavailable.

Features of O2 Event on Fortnite

One feature that Fortnite gamers may want to check out after that is riding the “Ball of Fame,” which is a roller-coaster-style ride that transports them across the map. Players will be seated in a rolling ball and will be able to grapple and boost their way through a course that bends, rises, and slides. Alternatively, players may visit the “Mirror Mirror” chamber, which has a huge mirror obstacle course that stands between them and a token before proceeding to the main stage itself.

Fortnite O2 Event
Fortnite O2 Event

In order to get assistance, look for blue arrows on the ground, and attempt to locate the hidden collectible object located in the center of the course. Another challenge/mini-game to try out during the Fortnite O2 event is the “Stage Dive,” which requires players to grapple their way through a course of varying difficulty levels. Players are given a token at the conclusion of the game in recognition of their fast shots and accurate placement. Other hidden collectibles may be found around the O2 creative map, so make sure to look around and investigate everything.

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