Fortnite Obsessed Thug Kills 16 year old Gamer | Latest News

It was recently reported that a criminal who was fascinated with the video game Fortnite committed a terrible act and celebrated it without a trace. Every gaming community, including Fortnite, has its share of nasty individuals that disrupt the flow of the game. For the last several years, Fortnite Battle Royale has been one of the most popular video games on the market.

What is Fortnite Obsessed Thug? What Happened?

The community is home to several incredible players and broadcasters, many of whom have millions of followers and have made significant contributions to the community. There have been players who have acted in complete opposition to this and have propagated terrible toxicity inside the game. The latest event, on the other hand, outperforms all of the poisonous components that have previously emerged.

Fortnite Obsessed Thug Kills 16 year old Gamer

A bad stain has been left on the gaming community in general, and on the Fortnite community in particular, as a result of the event involving the thug who is infatuated with the game. John Callis Woolsey, the 18-year-old gangster who is hooked with the video game Fortnite, has made national headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The sixteen-year-old was repeatedly struck in the head with a baseball bat by the adolescent who was also sixteen at the time. Several nails have been hammered into the baseball bat that was found from the murder site, and the word “Lucille” has been scrawled on it in red marker. In appearance, it’s quite similar to the baseball bat used in the famous zombie apocalypse television programme “The Walking Dead.” Even after initiating the vicious assault, the Fortnite-obsessed bandit showed his appreciation by doing the renowned “Floss dance” to commemorate the occasion. Characters in Fortnite do the Floss Celebration, in which they swing their arms from the rear of their bodies to the front with clenched fists, which has gained widespread popularity recently.

Fortnite-obsessed thug ends life of a teenager and then celebrates without remorse

The sufferer has had surgery and is now under the care of medical professionals. The victim’s family has been devastated as a result of the event, and his mother has even begged with the game’s creators to take into consideration the game’s harmful consequences.

“Our lives have been irreversibly altered as a result of the attack. This was a senseless and unjustified act of severe violence committed against no one in particular. When I saw the hideous-looking weapon that had been used, I was taken aback. What I’d want is for the producers and creators of such shows to be aware of the impact that their material has on immature brains.”

Fortnite Obsessed Thug
Fortnite Obsessed Thug

The sufferer is still alive as a result of prompt medical attention. Due to the serious damage to the victim’s brain, physicians have determined that he will be permanently handicapped for the rest of his life, according to the doctors.

“My son is serving a life sentence in prison, and doctors have determined that he will be permanently handicapped for the rest of his life.”

To put it mildly, the event is harrowing in the extreme. The hooligan, who was infatuated with the video game Fortnite, was apprehended and sentenced to eight years in jail. It is important for gamers to remember that Fortnite is a game intended to be played for fun. In order to maintain a game-like environment, players are encouraged to avoid poisonous and vindictive characteristics.


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