How to Get Candy in Pokemon Go {Complete Guide}

How to Get Candy in Pokemon Go: Once your trainer level reaches 40, you’ll get XL Sweet, a unique large candy that enables you to level up your Pokémon beyond 40. You can only use Stardust and ordinary sweets to raise your Pokémon’s CP to a limited degree. To exceed this limit, you will need XL Candy. At initially, it costs ten XL Candy to power up your Pokémon, and the cost rises as you raise the level of power. To completely charge a Pokémon, 296 XL Candys are required. Shadow Pokémon need a greater amount of XL Candy, whereas cleansed Pokémon require less.

XL Candy, like regular candy, is unique to each Pokémon’s evolution line. Pikachu XL Candy is required to level up your Pichu, Pikachu, or Raichu beyond level 40. Additionally, there is Rare XL Candy, which, similar to Rare Candy, may be used on any Pokémon. Candy is perhaps the most valuable resource in Pokémon Go, since it enables you to Power Up and develops your Pokémon, thus strengthening them.

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It combines with Stardust to create probably the game’s most important mechanism apart from discovering and capturing Pokémon, but fortunately, there are many ways to get it, including through the new Rare Candy item.

While the game’s updates go, more and more ways of obtaining Candy become available, so it’s important to keep them all in mind as you play. After all, it is one of the more challenging resources to amass.

How to Get Candy in Pokemon Go

Unfortunately, the best method is to grind out those catches. You’ll get three Candy for each Pokémon you capture, and as part of the Gen 2 update, second and third-tier evolutions now provide more Candy in the wild than their first evolution counterparts, rising from three to five and ten Candy, respectively.

How to Get Candy in Pokemon Go
How to Get Candy in Pokemon Go

There are many methods to expedite the process of obtaining the species you need, ranging from locating Pokémon nests to locating Pokémon spawn sites. It’s worth noting that seasonal updates may sometimes increase the rate of certain drops, such as Candy during Pokémon Go’s Halloween event, so keep an eye out for game updates to boost your supply.

As part of the September 2016 update, you may now designate a Pokemon as a Buddy that will reward you with Candy after a certain walking distance. There are many oddities to this system – certain Pokemon need a greater distance to drop rewards than others, for example – which we explain in depth in our comprehensive Pokémon Go Buddy system article. As with Eggs, it’s a method to get free goods, so it’s worth understanding the system’s ins and outs in order to make it work for you.

How to get Candy in Pokémon Go by hatching Eggs in Pokemon Go

Eggs are another way to get Candy. While hatching eggs provides a significant quantity of Candy, the problem is that hatching the appropriate Pokémon is basically a guessing game. Our Egg hatching guide and Egg chart may assist you in narrowing it down and hatching those Eggs as soon as possible, but it remains an inelegant approach in general.

  • 2km Egg – Approximately 10 Candy
  • 5km Egg – Approximately 20 Candy
  • 10km Egg – Approximately 30 Candy

We’ve received reports of individuals receiving slightly more or slightly less than those numbers, but they seem to correlate with people’s experience so far, and we’ll update the guide accordingly.

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