How To Get Excellent Throws In Pokemon Go ! Step By Step

How To Get Excellent Throws In Pokemon Go: If you’re currently engaged in the elite challenge in Pokémon GO, you’ll be confronted with a massive, harsh research assignment that is arguably the most difficult we’ve seen so far. If you want to advance, you must make 50 great throws, which would have taken me a year or more in my early days of playing. However, we are not in the early stages of the game, and we have some pointers to guide us along the way. Here are some more effective methods for obtaining great throws in Pokémon GO.

How To Get Excellent Throws In Pokemon Go
How To Get Excellent Throws In Pokemon Go

Play an inordinate amount of Pokémon GO, all of the time, for years on end, capturing hundreds of Pokémon along the way, until the act of tossing the ball becomes as normal to you as walking: This is probably the most effective method of accomplishing your goal. However, this is not a really helpful piece of knowledge!

How To Get Excellent Throws In Pokemon Go

While I’m sure there’s a data miner out there who can provide a more precise number for this, we can speak in broad terms for the time being. When you hold down your Pokeball on the catch screen, you’ll see two circles: one that’s black and one that’s a shade of green or red somewhere in the middle. As you hold the Pokeball, the green and red circles will shrink in size until they are the same size as the black circle, at which point they will shrink in size once again.

The size of this circle defines the kind of throw that you are attempting to execute. A nice throw will be awarded if you manage to land it within the circle when it is at its largest. If you land it in the center of the circle, you will get a fantastic throw. If you manage to do it when the circle is at its smallest, just before it resets, you will get the much sought-after great throwing performance. Let’s get down to business and figure out how to accomplish it.

How to decide which Pokemon is Important for You?

While it is possible to obtain a great throw from any Pokémon, some of them are just not worth the effort. Pokémon that are far away or those that have tiny circles will be considerably more difficult to catch. Finding anything with as large a circle as possible, that is as near to the camera as feasible, is your goal.

How To Get Excellent Throws In Pokemon Go

Ponyta, Slowpoke, Snover, Numel, Wailmer/Spheal, Machamp, and Snorlax are just a few of the many excellent Pokémon available. But keep looking around to see what’s available and what works for you. There are several evolved Pokemon and tough to acquire Pokemon that are effective in these situations, particularly since you will be able to farm them, as we will discuss in a moment.

Legendaries are usually the best Pokémon to catch in this area: for example, According to my recollection, Groudon was very simple. Legendaries obtained via the Go League, Research Rewards, or any other occasion when you may utilise an infinite number of balls are your best bet in this situation. It’s possible to do it on Raids as well, but be prepared to run out of balls quickly.

Use Nanab Berries

This tip is best used in conjunction with the preceding one. However, after you’ve set a reasonable goal for yourself, you’ll want to make things as simple as possible for yourself. To improve your catch chances, use a Nanab Berry instead. It will help to slow down the encounter and make it more predictable for you to capture anything.

Use regular Pokéballs to farm

This is very useful for the current skill challenge since 50 great throws is a colossal amount of excellent throws, which is extremely beneficial. Ironically, avoiding capturing Pokémon is equally as helpful as catching them in this situation, if not more so.

 Get Excellent Throws In Pokemon Go

After snatching up a nice target that is large, near to the player, and not moving around too much, the last thing you want to do is squander it by putting it in a Pokéball and calling it a day on the battle. A red Pokéball should be used in order to increase your chances of getting a second chance at anything; this is particularly important when dealing with legendaries.

Now hold for a second, since this is one of the most essential, if not the most simple questions. Don’t hurry anything. If it’s one of those sliding Pokémon that’s on the incorrect side of the screen, simply wait for it to come back to the correct side. If you’re not feeling it on a specific circle, simply wait a little while longer before continuing. Moving quickly does nothing for you.

Use Curveballs

This is a difficult one to evaluate since it’s almost hard to do it in a controlled environment: I mostly throw curveballs, and as a result, all of my great throws are curveballs. My hypothesis is that since the ball is traveling at a shorter angle of attack when it reaches the target plane, it has a greater chance of striking in the correct location. But they simply look a little better: But I don’t know nearly enough about the underlying mathematics to make a definitive assessment, so I’ll simply say that they seem to be less difficult to understand.

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