Get Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go {Step By Step Guide}

 Get Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go: Since the game’s launch more than a year ago, gamers of Niantic’s hugely popular (and often frustrating) augmented reality monster-catcher have been wondering where all of the legendary monsters have gone to hide. The original Game Boy title included enormously strong, fascinating, and unusual legendary Pokémon back in the 1990s, but the smartphone game does not include Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, or Mewtwo, despite the fact that they were prominently featured in the original teaser.

Some of these creatures are now catchable in the game: the first two legendary Pokémon to debut in the game are the flying-ice type bird Articuno and the flying-psychic type Lugia, with more monsters set to arrive in the game later. Keep in mind, however, that capturing them will not be a stroll in the park. Unless you happen to run into them while going to the park.

It’s likely that you’ve encountered the idea of a raid boss if you’ve played any massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), such as World of Warcraft. It’s a tremendously strong adversary that’s almost difficult to fight on your own, requiring the cooperation of a team or a large group of dozens or more people to bring down.

What is Raid Boss?

In Pokémon Go, the raid bosses that were added in the most recent update are just ordinary Pokémon characters. In a gym fight, instead of merely attempting to catch them using balls and lures, you are charged with beating them. A monster spawns at a gym for a fixed period of time, during which groups of up to twenty Pokémon Go players may band together to take it down in a single battle. After you’ve defeated the boss Pokémon, you’ll have the opportunity to capture a lesser version of the rare monster with a normal ball toss, utilizing the special Premier Balls you won as a prize for your efforts in the fight.

However, although all of the raid bosses in Pokémon Go will be formidable adversaries, the legendary Pokémon will be much more difficult to come by, appearing only in these community-based fights. Even while the boss mechanics described below will remain same, going to a popular location or assembling a team will improve your chances of capturing one.

Get Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go

How to Final a Raid Pass?

You won’t be able to just stroll up to a raid boss and start swarming him; you’ll require a Raid Pass. Each day, you may earn one of these tokens by going within range of a Pokémon Gym and spinning the circle, much as you would at a PokéStop. One Raid Pass can be obtained per day, regardless of how many gyms you visit, and you can only have one active at a time. This means that free players are limited to one raid boss battle per day, and they must spin the circle at a gym before proceeding to a new raid boss battle the following day if they want to continue their quest.

If you wish to take on several raid bosses in a single day, you may purchase a Premium Raid Pass, which allows you to do so. This is an item that can be purchased in the Shop for 100 coins, and you may purchase as many as you like in a single day. However, just as with the normal Raid Pass, you are only allowed to have one Premium Raid Pass active at a time. In any case, purchasing them with coins will rapidly deplete your supply unless you have a large number of Pokémon at various gyms or you replenish your supply with real money.

How to Do Pokemon Go Legendary Raids?

Raid bosses can only be found in Pokémon Gyms, where they may be defeated. As long as the Raid Boss is active, players will be unable to engage in regular gym fights with Pokémon belonging to other trainers. The game will send you smartphone notifications when a raid boss is about to appear, or you may search for them in the new tab on the radar screen, or you can just wander about the overworld until you discover one.

Get Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Raids that are about to go live will be represented by an egg symbol that will appear above their corresponding Pokémon Gyms: a pink striped egg for “Normal” monsters (difficulty levels one and two), a white and yellow egg for “Rare” monsters (difficulty levels three and four), and a blue and purple striped egg for “Legendary” monsters (difficulty levels five and six) (exclusively level five). This is the one you want if you’re only allowed to use one free Raid Pass each day, and you want to reserve it for Legendary eggs. In the event that you encounter one of the legendary Pokémon, you may be certain that it is a raid boss since such Pokémon cannot be left in a regular gym.

Final Step: How to Catch a Legendary Pokemon using Raid Boss

It all boils down to this: can you capture a legendary Pokémon before time runs out? Following the defeat of the raid monster, you will be offered the opportunity to capture a randomized variant of that Pokémon using the normal Pokémon Go ball-throwing interface. The Pokémon will not be able to flee from you, and you will only be able to capture it if you use the Premier balls that you got from the raid boss. Because this is a high-level Pokémon with significant evasive abilities and a smaller area to throw at, you’ll be severely restricted in the number of throws you can make against it.

You may not be able to capture a legendary Pokémon on your first raid boss win, and it is conceivable that you will not catch one at all. Be patient, wait for the perfect shot, and make use of whatever berries you happen to have on hand with each toss.

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