How to Get The Mike Lowrey Fortnite Skin?

How to Get The Mike Lowrey Fortnite Skin: Epic Games just announced Bad Boys for Life’s launch in Fortnite. Will Smith’s famous Hollywood character Mike Lowrey has officially joined Chapter 2 Season 7, and gamers may now enjoy playing as him. Mike Lowrey is one of the last skins to come in preparation for Fortnite Season 8. Will Smith’s Fortnite skin is included in a package that also includes hunting knives and a backbling. Those who want to arrive on the island looking like a boss should undoubtedly get the Mike Lowrey package. Will Smith is dressed with an olive green turtleneck and sunglasses in Fortnite. He also wears a shoulder rig to replicate his appearance in the Bad Boys series.

How to get the Will Smith Mike Lowrey Fortnite skin?

Mike Lowrey is an item store bundle, and players may buy the Will Smith skin in the Fortnite item shop. The basic skin and back bling are both priced at 1,500 V-Bucks. However, if players want to purchase the harvesting tool as well, they must pay an extra 500 V-bucks. As a result, the Mike Lowrey package in Fortnite will cost a total of 2,000 V-bucks. Although players may opt-out of purchasing the harvesting tool, it is, in my opinion, the finest component of the package. Having said that, Mike Lowrey, Will Smith’s character, has also joined Fortnite island. Although I’m not sure how useful this investigator would be in dealing with aliens, he does have the heart.

Bad Boys for Life was published in January 2020, shortly before the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. Despite its brief box office run, it nevertheless managed to rise to the fourth highest-earning picture of the year. Fortnite Season 7 has seen a steady stream of partnerships. From the Suicide Squad to a partnership with J Balvin, a slew of intriguing characters have made their way to the Fortnite island. Having said that, the Mike Lowrey Fortnite skin is now available in the Fortnite item store. Mike Lowrey’s Fortnite skin costs 1,500 V-Bucks and includes his own back bling. For 500 V-Bucks, the Loose Cannon Cutters that serve as a pickaxe for this skin set are available separately.

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While the Mike Lowrey Fortnite skin is not terrible, it does seem out of place. Given that Fortnite Season 7 is themed around an extraterrestrial invasion, Agent J from Men In Black might be a better fit. That being said, if the Will Smith collaboration had occurred earlier in the season, Agent J would have been featured. Given that it’s being published towards the conclusion of Fortnite Season 7, it’s possible that this was the impetus for a Bad Boys collaboration. In any case, the partnership is intriguing in and of itself, so you may want to pick up the skin while it is available in the Fortnite item store.

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