How to Get The Rare & Exclusive Octa Wrap For Free

How to Get The Rare & Exclusive Octa Wrap For Free: The Octo weapon wrap is one of the most fashionable cosmetic items in the history of Fortnite. Originally debuted in Chapter 2 Season 2, it is now available for free in Chapter 2 Season 7. It was previously only available in Chapter 2 Season 2. The Octo wrap is a Rare animated skin that includes an Octopus eye with moving tentacles and is only available in the Rare edition. Here are all gamers need to know about obtaining the skin for free in the game.

How to Get The Rare & Exclusive Octa Wrap For Free

Players need to watch Fortnite on Twitch to get the Octo wrap

In exchange for watching a few Fortnite Twitch broadcasts, gamers may get the Octo wrap as a free prize. This is the second and last opportunity for individuals who did not take advantage of this offer when it was first made available during the Twitch Rivals Super Games last year. Twitch has announced on Twitter that there will be another Fortnite Drop on April 22nd for players that watch at least 30 minutes of the Twitch Rivals Supergames Finals, which will begin at 5 pm PT and last for 30 minutes.

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If you want to be eligible for these prizes, you must first connect your Twitch and Epic Games accounts, which you may do by visiting this page. You must make certain that your accounts are connected before you begin viewing since you will not be given these cosmetics after the Finals have concluded.

There are just three creators that are currently presenting Drop Enabled Fortnite Impostors broadcasts on the platform. These are some examples:

  • Patriota
  • Melany
  • LoLee
  • sharshock

Players will be able to grab the Octo weapon wrap from their Twitch inventory after just 15 minutes of observing the aforementioned broadcasters in action. You will know that you are viewing a drop-enabled channel since the message “Drop enabled!” will appear on the screen. Keep an eye out for opportunities to gain loot.” If you haven’t connected your Twitch and Epic accounts yet, you should be prompted to do so in order to allow in-game drops via the connection of the accounts.

Instructions on how to connect your Twitch and Fortnite accounts

It is important to note that in order to get the free Octo weapon wrap, users must connect their Twitch and Epic Games accounts. They must also do so before they may view the Drop Enabled Twitch broadcasts that are available.

The following is the process to be followed in order to connect the accounts:

  1. While logged in, go to the Epic Games’ Connected Accounts page to learn more about your connected accounts.
  2. To connect with Twitch, click the connect icon underneath the stream.
  3. Select the ‘Link your Account’ option from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter your Twitch account credentials (if players are already signed into their Twitch accounts, they will not be required to finish this step).
  5. Authorize is a button that you should click.
  6. Fortunately, the Octo weapon wrap is accessible to everyone who has a Twitch account, and not only broadcasters who use the service. It is a simple, but effective method for gamers to get access to free skins and prizes.

Fortnite is a free-to-play game that generates the majority of its income through the selling of cosmetic goods in the form of V-Bucks (virtual currency). As a result, such offers to get free skins are always welcomed by gamers all around the globe. Chapter 2 Season 8 is almost around the horizon, and it will include some highly anticipated skins that have been a long time in the making. Naruto and Lady Gaga are just a few of examples of what I’m talking about.


Epic has collaborated with a variety of organizations in the past to provide Fortnite fans with unique content, and one of the businesses with whom they have collaborated is Twitch. Unique cosmetics have already been given to players who have linked their Twitch accounts to their Epic Games accounts, and it seems that additional exclusive cosmetics will be rewarded in the future. It was in December 2019 that the most recent Fortnite Twitch Drop took place, in which players got two free cosmetic prizes in exchange for watching the FNCS Finals on Twitch. The aesthetic rewards that players received were a Spray and a Banner.

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