How to Get XP in Pokemon Go {Complete Guide}


How to Get XP in Pokemon Go: Getting XP quickly in Pokémon Go is beneficial for completing level requirements faster, particularly with the time-limited Legacy 40 Challenge and medal on offer. Even if you’re new to the game, increasing your Trainer Level increases your odds of encountering higher-CP Pokémon in the wild and enables you to enhance your Pokémon’s efficiency in combat.


Later trainer-level prizes improve with time, becoming more profitable as stronger Pokéballs, curatives, and other goods become accessible.

Finally, the higher your level, the more quickly you will likely get access to new features. We’ve seen this twice before, with Raids and Friends first rolling out to a select few higher-level players, and while they were quickly opened out to the whole player population, it adds an additional incentive to rack up as much XP as possible.

This article contains a list of XP sources in Pokémon Go, including the modifications made in December 2020’s Season of Celebration update, as well as many quick XP ways. Almost every activity in the game earns you some kind of XP, and it pays to be familiar with the most effective ways. Here’s a rundown to assist you with planning your activities, with the following XP list current as of the December 2020 Season of Celebration update.

If you’ve been a long-time player, the most noticeable change is the massive rise in Excellent Throw XP, which has been increased from 100XP to 1,000XP. To assist players in completing the time-limited Legacy 40 Challenge, all Catch XP has been quadrupled until December 31st, 2020. Bear in mind that many of the following will stack – for example, evolving a new Pokémon will earn you 500 XP for the new Pokédex entry in addition to the 500 XP earned during the transformation.

If you hold a Lucky Egg, all XP gained for the following 30 minutes will be doubled. You must use a Lucky Egg during a Double XP event to get the 4x boost.

How to Get XP in Pokemon Go
How to Get XP in Pokemon Go

How to quickly get XP in Pokémon Go

Though not the ‘quickest’ way, the ‘best’ method is to level up a Friend to Best Friend status, which rewards you with an incredible 100,000 XP. Remember that you may double this to 200,000 XP by using a Lucky Egg, and with the proper timing, you can easily queue up several Best Friends to open their presents in a single Lucky Egg usage.

Apart from that, the quickest way is to complete a Tier 5 raid, which rewards you with 10,000 XP. You may chain several Tier 5 Raids in a single session using Raid Hours, earning many times that amount, particularly with a Lucky Egg. The disadvantage of this technique is that you will need assistance from other players. If possible, join a local Pokémon Go group – one that routinely organizes Raid attendance around Raid Hours and other events – so that you have other Trainers to assist you in completing Raids.

Otherwise, a highly efficient method of earning XP is to evolve Pokémon sequentially while a Lucky Egg multiplier is active, which may be done alone and at your leisure. This technique needs some preparation, and the simplest way to do it is using common animals like as Pidgeys, Weedles, Caterpies, Wurmples, and Whismurs, which are all easy to locate and develop with a very tiny amount of Candy – 12 as opposed to the standard 25, 50, or 100.

To maximize the effectiveness of this technique, catch as many first evolution animals as possible, with each capture providing Candy and a prospective evolution species. Bear in mind that you may earn extra Candy by returning them to the Professor, but make sure you have enough to develop. Fortunately, there is an extremely useful online calculator called PidgeyCalc that will calculate just how many items you need to move in order to maximize your time and how long it will take.

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