How to Heal Pokemon in Pokemon Go {Step By Step Guide}

How to Heal Pokemon in Pokemon Go: In Pokemon GO, players will most likely spend half of their time collecting Pokemon and the other half fighting them, according to expectations. There are a variety of circumstances in which Pokemon fights are necessary, yet these bouts may be very taxing for the Pokemon that are involved.

The fainting of a Pokemon in Pokemon GO results in the Pokemon being unable to participate in combat or be put in a gym. In addition, injured Pokemon are unable to be put in gyms, thus it is advised that players maintain all of their Pokemon in excellent condition.

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How to Heal Pokemon

The only method to revive a Pokemon that has fainted and to treat an injured Pokemon is to use items on it. This is good news for players since these goods are simple to get from gyms, PokeStops, and other locations throughout the world.

Items like Potions, Super Potions, Hyper Potions, and Max Potions are used to rehydrate and restore the health of the player’s Pokemon. Each of them restores a different amount of a Pokemon’s health, and each of them may only be used once before they get exhausted. Those who have fainted will have to use a Revive or a Max Revive instead; otherwise, they will lose their Pokemon completely.

All of these things may be obtained by visiting spinning PokeStops and Gyms throughout the game. This makes it simple for players who travel by a large number of PokeStops and Gyms to accumulate an item supply that can be used to keep their teams’ supplies stocked. Other ways that players may use to get a large number of healing goods are as follows:

  • Defeating Raid Bosses is important.
  • Completing Research-Related Assignments
  • Unwrapping presents from pals and earning Level Up Rewards

How to Heal Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Other Ways to Heal Pokemon

However, if players aren’t interested in using any of these ways, they may also buy Max Potions straight from the game’s in-game shop. The package contains 10 Max Potions for a total cost of 200 Pokecoins. Players may also receive a free Potion or two from the store’s daily free box, which is stocked with useful items.

Even though healing items are essential, and maybe particularly beneficial after long raids or fights with Team GO Rocket, they are not always beneficial. Potions and other healing supplies are entirely inaccessible during combat, in contrast to the mainstream Pokemon games. As of this writing, there are no ways for healing Pokemon in combat, which means that players will have to wait until the fight is over before they may heal their team.

Fighting other players in the Pokemon GO Battle League will not need the use of healing goods afterward, which is a welcome relief for PvP gamers in the game. This enables players to go on a marathon run through the GO Battle League if they so want, without having to worry about replenishing their team’s health between battles.

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