How many acts in Ghost of Tsushima {Complete Details}


How many acts in Ghost of Tsushima: There are many various ways to explore Ghost of Tsushima’s expansive and gorgeous open environment, and gamers will approach it in different ways. Some may want to take in every detail and side-quest that comes their way, while others will just want to see the narrative through to the conclusion and be done with it. For such gamers, knowing how long Ghost of Tsushima will take them to complete may be useful information to have from the start – particularly if they are currently playing through the latest PS4 exclusive The Last of Us Part 2.

As a video game that draws influence from traditional samurai films, it should come as no surprise that the narrative of Ghost of Tsushima is divided into multiple acts. In the main narrative campaign, each act advances the player farther down the path, while also unlocking new areas to explore in the game’s open world.

How many acts in Ghost of Tsushima
How many acts in Ghost of Tsushima

The gameplay follows the exploits of Lord Jin Sakai, a surviving samurai warrior on the island of Tsushima who finds himself in a variety of situations during the thirteenth century. Invading Mongol troops have seized control of the tiny island, and with its commander Lord Shimura imprisoned, it is up to Jin and his friends to save the lives of the innocents who have been left behind.

Ghost of Tsushima is about 25 hours long if you concentrate only on finishing the game’s main narrative with just a few side activities to keep you topped up on experience and equipment as you go. The completionist run of Ghost of Tsushima, on the other hand, would take about 45 hours to complete.

Ghost of Tsushima will take about 25 hours to complete the story.

With its lengthy narrative campaign, Ghost of Tsushima is made even longer by the fact that it has no skippable cutscenes. It is possible to complete it in less than 25 hours if you just concentrate on the major narrative objectives and a few side quests for more gear or skills. If you wish to complete the additional side missions, such as the questlines of the side characters, you will need to set aside more than 25 hours.

Ghost of Tsushima will take about 45 hours to complete everything.

To finish all of the side missions, liberate regions, and locate and gather all of the places and items around Tsushima in all four Acts, you will need to devote at least 45 hours to the game. There is a tonne of side stuff to engage in, even if the game does not include any post-game content. You can easily spend hours playing it.

How many acts in Ghost of Tsushima

All three of Ghost of Tsushima’s Acts take place in various areas of Tsushima and finishing each one will provide you access to new territory to explore. According to the design, it is intended to correspond to the progress achieved in the main narrative campaign; when Jin liberates Tsushima from the Mongols, more area becomes accessible as a result of the island’s liberation. The northern and central regions of the island are completely inaccessible throughout Act I. By the time the players enter Act II, they will have had the opportunity to explore the middle region of Tsushima. Finally, after players have reached Act III, they will be able to explore the remainder of the open world, indicating that Jin is on the verge of liberating the whole of Tsushima from the clutches of Khotun Khan and his army.


The length of time it takes players to finish each act will be determined by their commitment to completing the main narrative campaign, which, given the amount of content available in the open-world aspect, may take some time. When it comes to cutscenes and narrative mission fighting, each Act is about the same size. However, if players want to take their time and prefer open-world activities over the main plot, it may seem that one Act takes much longer to finish than another. Overall, Ghost of Tsushima takes at least fifteen hours to complete without the inclusion of side material.

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