How To Catch Axolotl Minecraft {Complete Details}

How To Catch Axolotl Minecraft:  Those unfamiliar with amphibians may be interested to know that the axolotl is a genuine amphibian that lives in caverns. Axolotls are an extremely uncommon species of salamander that is really on the verge of extinction as a result of climate change. It is believed that their impending presence in Minecraft would help conservation efforts for the Axolotl, which are endemic to the Valley of Mexico and in particular to two lakes, one of which is no longer in existence.

How To Catch Axolotl Minecraft
How To Catch Axolotl Minecraft

The Minecraft Axolotl, like its real-life counterpart, comes in a variety of colour variants — including pink, green, and brown – and is ridiculously beautiful. While they can only be found in the brand-new Lush Swamp biome, they also have an impressive array of unique mechanics that are not shared by any other Minecraft monsters. What’s great about the Axolotl is that it’s extremely easy to catch them since you can just scoop them up in a bucket and carry them about with you. Although they seem to be cute, they have really attacked amphibians that may be used against ocean-based monsters by dumping their buckets in the middle of a fight.

An update to the Minecraft 1.17 snapshot was just released that exposes players to the cute amphibians. Join us as we go through all we know about the Minecraft Axolotl, including where to locate and tame them as well as how they fight during battle, in detail.


Because the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update has been divided into two halves, you may now discover Minecraft Axolotls in the regular subterranean rivers of the game. Immediately after the release of the Minecraft 1.18 update, they will relocate to the new Lush Cave biome. Look for young Acacia trees and then dig along with their roots until you come upon one of the caves’ colourful interiors.

How To Catch Axolotl Minecraft
How To Catch Axolotl Minecraft

Which you may discover by following the scent of the cave. Axolotls are available in five different colours, with the blue-purple type being the most uncommon. They are also available in a variety of colours including pink, blue, orange, and brown.


To begin building your own Axolotl army, the first thing you’ll need is a bucket of water to collect the necessary materials. It is possible to catch and tame these new animals by simply scooping them up in a bucket and placing them in a safe place.

You may then dump your bucket in a cavern near your Minecraft home to build your own little Axolotl ecosystem, or you can collect a few Axolotl buckets and bring them along with you on your next Ocean Monument raid to make a larger one.


When you catch several Minecraft Axolotls and release them into open water, they will just swim about, decimating any fish and opponent that comes into contact with them. You will need to be holding a tropical fish in order to get them to follow you (either in your off-hand or main hand). Axolotls don’t have a lot of raw power on their own, but you can release several buckets of it at the same time, giving your opponents a lot to deal with at the same time.

How To Catch Axolotl Minecraft
How To Catch Axolotl Minecraft

It is one of the axolotls in Minecraft’s unique features because they are able to “play dead,” which means opposing mobs will not attack them while they are recovering and ready to rejoin the battle. A short regenerating effect will be granted if you land the last blow on an opponent who has placed one of the Axolotls into its “play dead” state.


It is possible to breed any two Axolotls by providing them with tropical fish. The time it takes for a baby to reach maturity is 20 minutes, with the amount of time left decreasing by 10% every time the infant is scooped up in a bucket. In order to increase your chances of breeding a blue variation, you must breed two different colours; otherwise, the colour of the baby is decided by chance between the colours of the two parents.

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