How to Enter The Mothership In Fortnite Season 7

How to Enter The Mothership In Fortnite Season 7: Since the beginning of the current Invasion season, there has been a slew of extraterrestrial-themed additions for players to enjoy, including flyable UFOs, powerful new IO Tech weaponry, and minor map modifications such as the introduction of IO Bases. However, the Mothership, which has been towering over the landscape for some time, has remained locked. At least until today. Following the release of the v17.10 update, players will be able to enter the Mothership, which will appear as a new POI on the map, and explore all that is contained inside it. And believe us when we say that you’ll want to watch this movie.

In addition to a plethora of strong treasures to be discovered, there are some fairly spectacular throwbacks to past seasons’ maps that will delight veteran players of the game. For Fortnite’s Alien Mothership to make an appearance in Season 7 of the game as the source of the invasion, it’s about time. Players may even enter the huge ship themselves to stroll about and investigate the points of interest that have been kidnapped by the aliens, which is an additional bonus. In an interview with HYPEX.

A well-known Fortnite leaker and information source, he disclosed that players may visit certain areas within the Alien Mothership after they have gained entry. The physics of being kidnapped by the mothership seem to be distinct from the mechanics of being thrown about the map by UFOs that are currently on the loose.

How to Enter The Mothership In Fortnite Season 7

A particular kind of UFO called Abductors will be required to be found in order to get access to the Alien Mothership in Fortnite’s most recent update. Unlike the driveable ships, these vessels are considerably larger in size and hover over certain places across the globe, ready to lift players up to them. At any one moment, three enormous Abductor spacecraft are accessible, and players must travel around beneath one of these ships in order to join the Alien Mothership on the other side. From there, the Abductor will try to grab players off the ground and drag them into the mini-game that is waiting for them in the next room.

Mothership In Fortnite Season 7
Mothership In Fortnite Season 7

In the Alien Mothership, players will have their existing gear removed and will be provided with a timer as well as an anti-gravity weapon to use against their enemies. Players will get 90 seconds to gather orbs scattered across the interior landscape, which will feature previously visited points of interest (POIs) from Fortnite. Each orb gathered will give you a little amount of extra time to bounce about and locate more orbs. The primary goal of this mini-game is to locate the larger golden orbs known as Vault Orbs, which are responsible for unlocking greater treasure at the conclusion of each round.

Once the mini-game is completed, players will be dumped in an area with numerous treasure boxes, each of which contains items that may be obtained as a prize. The players are then thrown back into the main game in midair, where they may glide to a new place if they so choose. There are five tiers of prizes, ranging from common to legendary, and weaponry such as the Kymera Ray Gun is available at higher levels aboard the Alien Mothership. While participating, players may blast each other off the map, but they cannot inflict harm on one another.

A person may easily get hooked into the Fortnite mini-game. All that is required of the participants is that they live until the Abductors capture them. After that, players will be able to fly about the floating landscape within and gather orbs in order to get access to high-tier treasure at the conclusion of the game.

Mothership In Fortnite Season 7
Mothership In Fortnite Season 7

Alien Mothership in Fortnite Season 7

Players should know that this function is not accessible in the competitive playlists before they attempt to discover the Alien Mothership in Fortnite Season 7. Players may attempt to explore the Native in any other playlist not competing in Fortnite Season 7. The experience of being kidnapped by UFOs is well known.

The mother ship has been sending new UFOs known as kidnappers since the release of Update 17.10. These kidnappers prowl the island and take random people into the game. Players kidnapped by these particular UFOs will be allowed to explore everything that they have to offer inside the Alien mothership.

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