How to Equip a Detector and Disable Alien Billboard in Fortnite

How to Equip a Detector and Disable Alien Billboard in Fortnite: During the current season of Fortnite, the aliens are attempting to take over the whole planet, but we are going to put a stop to it. It seems that the extraterrestrials are using their powers to gain control of billboards, enabling them to broadcast whatever message they want. Deactivating an alien billboard requires the use of a detector, which is a specialized device that may be discovered within a suitcase hidden somewhere on the map.

Eliminating trespassers, setting up a bio scanner in an alien environment, and deploying spy probes in particular places are some of the other tasks this week. In light of the fact that the Fortnite season is quickly nearing its conclusion, it seems that we will finally put a stop to the alien invasion by aggressively interrupting their plans and discovering what their ultimate objectives are via the use of reconnaissance equipment developed by us.

Then there’s the fact that accomplishing all of these tasks will provide you with a significant amount of experience, which will enable you to unlock major portions of the battle pass. Take a look at the new Fortnite skins for this season to discover precisely what you stand to earn by playing them. Fortnite Quests are back for another week, which means there are new challenges to accomplish! In one of the more challenging missions in the new set, players are required to locate and equip a Detector before disabling an Alien Billboard on the battlefield.

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In addition to adding the highly-anticipated Grab-itron weapon and laying the scene for Ariana Grande’s Rift Tour performance, the 17.30 update officially started off another week in Fortnite. The Aliens have programmed billboards to scream “SUBMIT” if a player comes too near to them, and although there weren’t many notable map changes, one feature that eagle-eyed Fortnite fans will have noticed is the introduction of billboards. It is now your responsibility to prevent the Alien’s message from reaching gamers by locating and equipping a Detector and then deactivating the billboards.

Here’s everything you’ll need to accomplish the Legendary quest from Week 9.

In Fortnite, where can you locate and equip a Detector?

Locating the Detectors is not difficult, since they are all placed in designated Fortnite places where there is also a billboard. The good thing is that finding them is not difficult.

There are seven different places that players may go, and they are as follows:

  • Beach of the Believers
  • The Outer Burbs
  • Lazy Lake on the Craggy Cliffs
  • Meadows in the Mist
  • Pleasant Park Retail Row is a shopping district in the city of Pleasant Park, in the suburb of Pleasant Park.

Following your selection of a landing spot, you must locate a black box somewhere in the immediate vicinity. Don’t be concerned about checking every structure you see since the boxes will be located someplace outdoors. Landing precisely on the water fountain at Misty Meadows is the quickest and most efficient method to accomplish this quest. You should be able to locate the detector in a black crate near the water fountain, which should be easy to see. Equip the detector and go past the park bench and big tree to the next tree over, the one next to the store.

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As you approach the billboard, the wording will change to read: SUBMIT. Continue up the hill until you reach the billboard. Hold down the E key to turn off the alien billboard, which prevents the message from appearing again. Unless you complete both of these stages in the same match, you will not be rewarded with experience points for completing the challenge.

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