How to Get Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO {Complete Details}

How to Get Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO: In Pokemon Go, legendary Pokemon have been promised since the game’s inception. The game’s initial teaser depicted a potential scenario in which a huge fight against Mewtwo took place. This article contains a calendar for Legendary Pokemon raids, information on how to defeat them, and a list of all of the Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

At this time, there aren’t many Legendaries in Pokemon Go that have yet to be introduced to the game. There are a few from Generation 5, as well as all of the future Pokemon Go generations, but we’re now more than halfway through the whole collection of Pokemon Go characters. We’re anticipating Keldeo and Meloetta to be the next legendaries to be released (even though they’re technically Mythical Pokemon – shhh!) since they’re the last two Pokemon from Generation 5, but Niantic hasn’t revealed anything about the next legendaries just yet. Anyway, without further ado, here is a list of all of the Pokemon Go legendaries that are currently available in the game, as well as some suggestions for capturing them.

As new Legendaries are introduced as the game develops, the legendaries that are accessible in Pokemon Go are continuously changing. Getting all of the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go is a long process since not every single one is accessible at the same time. However, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all of the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go so you can figure out which ones you still need to capture.

Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO

How to Get Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO
How to Get Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Legendary Pokemon can only be obtained through fighting Legendary Pokemon Raids, which are difficult to find. Trainers will have an opportunity to catch the rare and strong Pokemon once they have fought them in the same way they would a regular Raid Boss.

  • If the Raid Egg is dark blue, you may be sure that a Legendary Pokemon will be present in the soon-to-be-launched Raid.
  • If you want to have an easier time defeating Legendary Pokemon, you’ll need all 20 players available.
  • Fewer Pokemon, at the very least six, can beat them, but you must choose high-leveled
  • Pokemon that are well-suited for the job.
  • Legendary Pokemon are unable to defend Gyms, but they may engage in combat with opposing Gyms and Raid Bosses.
  • It is only 3 percent of the time that Legendary Pokemon are captured.
  • The Legendary Pokemon Buddy Distance is 20 kilometers for one candy bar consumed.

How to Get Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO

The fact that Legendary Pokemon are so tough to beat has resulted in the development of suggested countermeasures to increase your chances of success against them. But if none of your counters has a high CP (1,500 or more, ideally 2000 or more), you may as well simply utilize your highest CP Pokemon instead of using counters at all.

How to Get Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO

You’ll want to preserve your Golden Razz Berries and practice your Curve Balls to increase your chances of capturing a Legendary Pokemon since they have such a low capture rate (just 3 percent for Legendary Pokemon, and 2 percent for Lugia), so you’ll want to save your resources. See the graphic below, created by Reddit user Epimetheus, to get a better sense of how much the additional work contributes to the overall result.

As soon as you start capturing Legendary Pokemon, you will be able to do the following:

  • For each try, use a Golden Razz Berry as a reward.
  • If you’re sure with your accuracy, go ahead and use a Curve Ball.
  • It’s best to toss a Premier Ball immediately after the Pokemon has attacked in order to minimize the possibility of your throw being stopped.
  • If the Pokemon has shifted to an inconvenient location, wait for it to re-center itself.

Giratina’s moveset may contain attacks of the Rock, Ghost, and Dragon types, among others. It is recommended to employ Ice, Dark, or Fairy-Type pokemon when up against Giratina’s assaults since they are not vulnerable to its attacks. When up against Giratina’s attacks, you should select your pokemon depending on its moves. In the absence of any Dragon-Type techniques, another Dragon will be an extremely powerful matchup owing to the tremendous damage output that Dragons are known for.

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