How to Optimize BGMI for Low-end Devices | Full Guide

How to Optimize BGMI for Low-end Devices: BGMI has established itself as one of the most popular battle royale games on mobile. A gamer’s desire for a smooth and lag-free experience is everything he or she needs to fully enjoy the game. The whole game experience is ruined by lag, frame dips, and bugs. They are the problems that every gamer dreads, and many users search the internet for solutions to these problems. This article contains various suggestions that may help players in BGMI Mobile to mitigate such issues to some extent.

Because of the excellent quality games accessible on phones, mobile gaming is improving every day. People no longer play games on their computers since all of these things are now readily available on smartphones with a plethora of added capabilities. Fortnite for Android and BGMI are two of the most current mobile games. When it comes to BGMI, it’s one of the finest games to play, however, many players have complained about lagging issues while playing on mobile. This problem is now quite aggravating and infuriating since you are unable to play the game smoothly. There might be various explanations for this, including the fact that some games offer higher-quality visuals and more animations.

How to Optimize BGMI for Low-end Devices

1. Free Up Storage

You’ll need a lot of storage space if you want to play the game without latency. When big games like Pubg Mobile are operating, they produce and destroy files in the background. The process of writing and removing data is sluggish if you have limited storage space. As a result, always ensure that you have at least 5GB of free storage space.

2. Uninstall the Apps you don’t need

When it comes to gaming, the Android smartphones we use are not optimal. If you have a large number of applications. Those apps’ services will be operating in the background, sending you alerts. Because Amazon is running in the background, you’ll get a quick Amazon notice. So, to stop this from happening, remove all of the programs you don’t use. It will increase the number of game options accessible on the phone. For gaming, the more RAM and CPU you have, the faster it will run. Particularly for smartphones with modest specifications.

How to Optimize BGMI for Low-end Devices
How to Optimize BGMI for Low-end Devices

3. Enable 4x sample mapping

When playing PUBG Mobile, there are a few developer options that have a significant influence on FPS. We may fix the latency in Pubg Mobile by applying these settings. Enabling 4xMSAA is one of these options. Multisample anti-aliasing is the abbreviation for Multisample anti-aliasing. On some devices, it can assist smooth textures and reduce latency. On some devices, 4xMSAA does not eliminate latency. It is suggested that you try it out on your own device. For the test, we recommend utilizing an FPS counter.

If you don’t know how to do this check the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the settings of your Android smartphone.
Step 2: Go to your phone’s settings and choose “About Phone.”
Step 3: To activate developer options, click on “Built Version” ten times.
Step 4: Your Android device’s developer option should now be accessible in the settings.
Step 5: If you still can’t find it, look in your settings for the option. If necessary, you can seek Google’s assistance for your individual device.
Step 6: On your Android smartphone, enable the “Developer Options.”
Step 7: In the list of settings, scroll down to locate the following choices.
Step 8: In the developer options, enable the Force 4x MSAA setting.
Step 9: Set the Window Animation Scale to 0.5x
Step 10: Set the Animation Duration Scale to 0.5 x
Step 11: Set the scale of the transition animation to 0.5x.
Step 12: Turn off the HW overlays
Step 13: Turn off and on your phone.

Your phone will run quicker and games will load faster as a result of this. This will prevent your BGMI mobile game from lagging while you’re playing.

How to Optimize BGMI for Low-end Devices
How to Optimize BGMI for Low-end Devices

4. Using in the Game booster on your phone

All gaming phones, as well as new phones, are now coming with game mode pre-installed. Make sure the game mode is set to the optimum performance so you can get the most out of your phone’s gaming capabilities. Unfortunately, this mode is not available on all phones. However, if your device has it, be sure to utilize it to receive the performance boost you need to solve BGMI mobile’s latency.

For those who do not have game mode, the best solution is to utilize this software called Gaming mode. It comes highly recommended by XDA and performs admirably.

5. Use a GFX Tool

Players Unknown Battleground’s BGMI is one of the well-known Krafton games. This is one of the most popular mobile gaming trends, but it can also be played on a computer. In comparison to Android smartphones, this game performed better on iOS devices. Players are also carried away with a parachute in this game, and their lives begin after landing. Then, in order to stay alive, gamers must seek out weapons with which to murder their opponents. Staying alive and killing your opponents may be accomplished in a variety of ways.

These are all the ways you can use to Optimize BGMI Mobile. Thanks for Reading the Article.

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