Kevin the Cube Skin: How to Get for free in Fortnite?

In Fortnite gameplay, there is a Cube Skin which is a mysterious object that firstly launch during season 5. During its launch, the company uses a lot of graphics means it appeared near Paradise Palms, coming from several lightning strikes from the sky crack then the Kevin character coming out from that cube. In-game, A Cube has a powerful object & it is capable of destroying those objects which coming in its path & move towards the loot lake & it also generates Cube monsters from its fragments.

The Cube has been affirmed by Epic Games to be conscious, doubtlessly hunting the Zero Point to assimilate its force. It has taken a few structures, yet has invested the most energy as a huge purple solid shape, which avoids projectiles, and damages players who endeavor to go close to it, or mends them nearby. After the uncovering of numerous Cubes during Operation: Sky Fire, The Cube is found in a Golden Version, Deactivated, and as a Rebooted Blue Version.

How to get Kevin the cube skin for free in Fortnite?

Fortnite update 18.10 has at last dropped, and true to form, a huge load of new skins and corrective things have shown up with it. The most recent fix just came on PC, and leakers have uncovered all that players can anticipate. 

Kevin the Cube Skin
Kevin the Cube Skin

Epic Games has as of now prodded the arrival of some OG skins, for example, Renegade Raider, Kevin’s skin loot box. There are a lot of new viewpoints to investigate. From Kevin the Cube to other people, this article jumps into each skin and corrective presented with Fortnite v18.10.Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 depends on Kevin the Cubes. Given the subject, the exceptionally expected Kevin Couture skin has at last been dropped 

The idea for this skin was spilled by noticeable information excavators quite a while in the past, and players had been sitting tight for it from that point forward. The OG Renegade Raider outfit, regularly thought to be the most extraordinary in Fortnite, has returned in a recent trend.

The new Renegade Raider skin called Skelatara mainly contains a Neon Skull Trooper helmet, which looks like a Halloween costume. Two new outfits called Curdle Scream Leader and Ione have been uncovered. Both appear to be founded on Halloween. 

Epic Games has additionally delivered recent trends for existing outfits in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8, including Fabio Sparklemane, Kor, Torin, and others. 

The recent fads are Purple Rune, Golden Rune, and Blue Rune. It is plainly obvious that these styles depend on the three 3D squares present on Fortnite Island right now. While the Battle Pass skins have the Purple, Golden, and Blue Rune styles, the Boxer and Boxy outfits have gotten the Scare Package Glow and Spectral Delivery Glow styles, individually. With the coming of a new update of Fortnite gameplay, it contains many new skins, in-game features & many more. Some of them:  

  • Floating Island 
  • Sockets
  • Wolfmoon Crest
  • Llamabomination

Kevin the Cube Skin in Fortnite

Epic Games has once more satisfied the assumptions for players worldwide by delivering a wide scope of new skins. The Naruto skin is as yet inaccessible, and players should sit tight for additional to get it in the Item Shop.

Steps For getting a Free Kevin cube skin in Fortnite

Follow these simple steps For getting a Free Kevin cube skin in Fortnite.


Open Fortnite gameplay. Then go to the Discover Fortnite game option.


Go to the Island Code wizard and enter the Island Code: 5414-7092-0537


If your Island Code is correct, then it will display the island wizard. Then click on Play to confirm the map, & then back to the lobby, click on the play option.


Now, you will see that your in-game character has a new type of skin i.e., Kevin cube Skin.


By following the above-mentioned steps a player can get Kevin cube skin on his/her gameplay. By mentioning the above code, a player has access to the new skin in gameplay.

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