How to Make an American Flag Banner in Minecraft


How to Make an American Flag Banner in Minecraft:  If you’re playing on a towny or roleplaying server, displaying your country’s flag in your Minecraft base is a fantastic idea. Throughout this tutorial, we’ll teach you how to construct a banner that incorporates the design of the American flag. For experienced Minecrafters who have been playing the Java version for a long, this will come as no surprise, since we’ve had the option to create banner patterns for quite some time.

However, if you are a parent who just allows their child to play Minecraft (Bedrock Edition or Java), you may be unaware of this small technique. Continue reading and amaze your gaming child with your new blocky abilities! We’ve developed other tutorials, such as this one, for making Minecraft Banners, which you are free to peruse at your leisure. We’re continuously adding new and intriguing patterns to our collection.

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How to Make an American Flag Banner in Minecraft

  • Make a Loom.
  • In order to apply patterns to Banners in Minecraft, you’ll need a Loom, which can be found here. These may be simply constructed using two planks of wood and two lengths of string. Logs may be used to make Planks, while Spiders and Cobwebs can be used to get String for crafting.
  • Looms may also be found in the Villagers, as an alternative. Because they are a construction site block, there is a possibility that they may be discovered in Shepherds Houses, where you can either utilize them or break them to gather them.
  • In order to create the American Flag, we’ll start with a Red Banner as a foundation, which we’ll subsequently decorate with white stripes.
  • Insert a Stick in the bottom center slot of a Crafting Table and fill it with 6 Red Wool balls. To get red wool, use a Red Dye to any colored Wool. Red Dye is created from rose petals, and any colored Wool may be dyed with it.


  • It is now time to put the Loom to use. Open it up and insert your Banner into the left slot, followed by your White Dye into the dye slot on the right. On the right-hand side of the screen, you will see a list of designs; search for the pattern named “White Paly.”
  • The White Paly pattern will apply the white stripes to your banner in the manner described above. You may now remove it from the loom and place it in your inventory.
  • As soon as we have a flag with red and white stripes, we need to make it seem more like the American flag by adding a blue corner to one corner. Replacing the Banner in the Loom with a single Blue Dye, which can be acquired from Lapis Lazuli, is the last step.

Simply choose the Blue Chief Dexter Canton design from the Loom’s pattern selection menu, which appears as seen in the picture above. Following completion of all of these steps, you should have an American Flag Banner that you can use to decorate your shield or to hang about your base.

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