How to Make Water Elevator in Minecraft {Complete Guide}


How to Make Water Elevator in Minecraft: When it comes to Minecraft, transportation is very necessary. When you stop to think about it, there are two distinct modes of transportation available. The first mode of movement is horizontal, using horses or minecart systems, whereas the second mode of transportation is vertical, using elevators. There are many various methods to construct elevators out of Redstone, but there is only one correct way to construct one out of the water, as seen in the video below. This guide will teach you how to complete the process.

When you play Minecraft, you will want to explore all of the various buildings that you may build in your world since there are so many moving components. For people that need to go to various floors of their buildings rapidly, there are a variety of methods to construct an elevator that will move swiftly up and down the floors.

Our discussion today will be on a set of elevators that utilize water to move you up or down the building. No need to be concerned about drowning since the technique we are using will generate air bubbles for you as you ride up and down the stairs. No one wants to spend their whole day running up and downstairs, so be sure to keep reading to learn how to build a fast and very simple water elevator for your Minecraft seed.

Water Elevator Minecraft Details

First and foremost, you’ll need at least one iron bucket that can be filled with water, your choice of building blocks, one block of soul sand, one magma block, and two signs of any sort to get started. Iron buckets may be constructed from three iron bars on each side. Collect some water source blocks from an ocean or a river before you begin crafting them. The soul sand and magma cube may both be found in plenty in the underworld, but be sure to come prepared with armor, since the nether is very hazardous to go through alone. As for the construction blocks, we like to use glass blocks to make it seem a bit more modern, but as long as you have enough of any block to create a wall, it doesn’t matter which kind you choose to build with.

To get things started, start by stacking your construction blocks together to form a column. You wish to completely encircle a single block with just an open area rising above it. Dig out the floor level one block down from the top of your column and put your soul sand in the center of it.

Make Water Elevator in Minecraft

In order to construct a water elevator in Minecraft, you’ll need the following items.

  • Kelp Water Bucket Door
  • Glass Kelp
  • Soul Sand is a term used to describe a kind of sand that is found in the human soul (for going up)
  • Magma Block is an acronym that stands for Magma Block (for going down)

In Minecraft, here’s how to build a water elevator.

To Put It Briefly:

In order to construct a water elevator, you must arrange two columns of blocks in such a way that an enclosed area is created between the columns. Place some doors to keep the water from flowing out after you’ve made sure it’s completely enclosed. Then fill the column with water and turn all of the flowing water into source blocks. Finally, replace the block below your kelp with soul sand to create upward bubbles and a magma block to create downward bubbles.

Step by Step How to Make Water Elevator in Minecraft

  • Step 1: Before you start working on your water elevator, you’ll want to collect all of your glasses together first. Whatever amount of glass you have, the recommended amount is determined by determining how high your elevator needs to go in order for it to function properly. Multiply this height value by four to get the total height. For example, if you want the elevator to travel up seven blocks, you’ll need 28 blocks of glass to make it happen.
  • Step 2: Following the acquisition of your glass, you will need to get a bucket of water. It’s as simple as making a bucket and filling it with water.
  • Step 3: While you’re at the water, do a plunge into the pool or lake. If the body of water in question is an ocean, here is where you will locate kelp.
  • Step 4: Finally, make your way to the other side. This is where you’ll find the soul sand and magma block that you’ll need for your mission. These two blocks will spawn everywhere in the nether, so simply start exploring and you’ll come across them eventually.

As soon as you have gathered all of the materials, the first thing you should do when building a water elevator is to construct the glass enclosure around the elevator. This has to have a hollow block in the center of each of the four columns that you need to build in order to be successful. This may be set as high as you like, depending on how far you need to go with your elevator and how many floors you have. Make sure that one of the column’s sides has a two-block-high hole in it before you start digging. This will be the location where you will enter your elevator.

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