Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: “impressive” according to the first feedback


Marvel’s Spider-Man is long overdue and lovers of the first opus are impatient. Insomniac Games is expected at the turn with its PS5 exclusivity. But according to Jim Ryan, the studio has gone all out.


In 2017, Marvel’s Spider-Man, the first of its name, was released, an open world centered on the spider-man that immediately found its audience. The reception was excellent and the game will be entitled to a sequel in the form of a stand-alone with Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The game is also transitioning to the PS5, and a remastered version of the first game will also appear. The technical slap is instantaneous. Either way, both games look great on Sony’s latest console. Still, these are cross-gen games here, so imagine what a Spider-Man made specifically for the PS5 would look like.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will amaze us

In any case, it is the dream that Jim Ryan sells us. The big boss of Sony affirms in the columns of Famitsu that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will send wood. He says the game should really go all out since it’s been ” developed without compromise “. An exclusive specifically developed for the PS5 which should have an ultra-positive impact on the game.

Ryan also supports his remarks by stating that the first feedback has reached his ears. And the quotes are rave reviews. The lucky few who have been able to try the game speak of a title with an absolutely visual ” Magnificent » and a final result very « impressive “. Just that.

So yeah, it’s hard to imagine Jim Ryan saying otherwise about one of his biggest year-end cartridges. But the fact is that we would tend to believe it. Whether we like it or not Marvel’s Spider-Man first of the name, it is nonetheless a game with impressive technique and licked staging. The animations are crazy, the action scenes are worthy of the biggest blockbusters… We are clearly in a superhero game. Whether Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 done if only as well as the first opus, relying on a technique and high-level graphics, as much to tell you that we should take full peepers.

Moreover, it may well be that the show starts in a few days with the PlayStation Showcase scheduled for May 24 at 10 p.m. It’s hard to imagine Sony doing without the Insomniac game.

And you, are you impatient?


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