Minecraft Color Codes and Format Codes [Updated 2022]


Minecraft Color Codes and Format Codes: You may utilise colour codes and format codes in Minecraft’s chat and game commands since the game has a variety of built-in colour codes and format codes. In the game, colour codes may be used to alter the colour of text, assign team colours, and personalise the colour of dyed leather armour, among other things. Format codes may be used to change the look of text in-game, such as making it bold or italic, among other things.

Minecraft Color Codes and Format Codes
Minecraft Color Codes and Format Codes
  • Minecraft is the internal name for a colour in Minecraft, while Color is the external name for a colour in Minecraft.
  • The internal code for the chat colour in Minecraft is known as the Chat Code.
  • The “Message Of The Day” code in Minecraft is the internal code for the colour associated with the “Message Of The Day.”
  • The decimal value for colour in Minecraft is represented by the word decimal.
  • Minecraft’s internal hexadecimal value for a colour is represented by the letter hex.
  • The format is referred to as a “description.”
  • The internal code for this format in the chat is referred to as the Chat Code.
  • It is the internal code for this format in the “Message Of The Day” that is known as the MOTD Code.

Working of Colour Codes Minecraft

When working with Minecraft and needing to do the same action over and over again, you may utilise software such as Minecraft Auto clicker to spare yourself the bother of constantly inputting the same instructions. The Auto Clicker will swiftly and accurately input all of the codes in the proper sequence every time, every time.

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Colour and modification may be applied to signs, world titles, books, named objects, and chat messages in Minecraft by using the section sign () followed by a hex digit in the message, for example, “1” for Dark Blue to change the colour of a sign. If you want to write a section sign, hold down the ALT key and enter 2, 1 (21) on the number pad while holding down the ALT key.

Minecraft Color Codes and Format Codes

Uses of Colour Code in Minecraft

In Bedrock Version, the symbol may be used for any text input, while in Java Edition, it can be used in the server.properties, pack.mcmeta, world titles, and server names files, among other places. If a colour code is used after a formatting code in the Java Edition, the formatting code is deactivated after the colour code point, according to the documentation. For example, the character cXnY is shown as XY, while the character nXcY is displayed as XY. Because of this, when utilising colour codes in conjunction with formatting codes, first ensure that the colour code is being utilised, and then, when switching colours between colours, reuse the formatting code.

Keep the ALT key on your keyboard pressed down. Make certain that Num Lock is turned on. Type the numbers 2 and 1 on the number pad alone (21). When you release the ALT key, it should type a.

On the Mac, it seems that if you hold Option while typing 6, it will type the minus symbol (-). (Option and 5 for extended U.S. keyboards). In order to have a MOTD coloured or formatted, the character u00A7 must be used in place of the letter; for example, 5 would be u00A75 in this case. The use of colours in combination with formatting is possible.

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The formatting must be completed once the colour has been applied. Given the contents of the pack In addition to accepting raw JSON text as descriptions, mcmeta files now allow the use of text components with various colours and styles, but the use is still supported.

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