Pokémon: 6 times the series does not respect its own codes


It is a known fact, but the animated series Pokemon and the video game from which it is inspired present two totally different worlds. Electric attacks are effective on the Ground type, Pokemon can learn more than 4 attacks and Pikachu is illegal and level 100+…these are elements that often come up when comparing the two works. However, there are other elements which are much less highlighted. It is the latter that we will focus on today. Take your Pokeball, we’re off to explore the world of Pokemon !

#1 Trainers have an impact


In the game, trainers have the choice between two options: attack, or return the Pokémon to its Pokéball (and the objects, but that’s cheating). Since it’s turn-based, it would be very boring to watch. The anime has long been cautious about this. The first fights were as rusty as those of the game. But the more this evolves, the more the trainers have a strong impact. From now on, they are the ones who decide if their creature should dodge the attack, block it, or retaliate. They decide which is the best attack, or if they should do something else, as you will see later in this article. Otherwise, the fact that the trainers are physically present in the anime is the best argument that the series gives to avoid devastating attackslike Earthquake.

#2 fights have their own rules

One thing that many forget about the Pokémon anime is that official battles have referees. Referees who can decide to stop a fight at any time, and who must define when a Pokémon is knocked out or not. Sacha has already lost his Squirtle to Régis’ Papillusion because the latter was asleep. The other important point is the presence of the field, which enormously defines the confrontation. Pokémon can use the scenery in the anime to hide, fight back, or use it to their advantage. Onix’s controversial fight against Pikachu reminds us of this all too well.

#3 evolutions during fights


History to amplify the suspense in the fights, the anime Pokemon allowed his critters to move in the middle of a fight. VSt has become a way, like in Shonen Nekketsu, to boost a Pokémon’s abilities when it’s at its worst. In games, it is necessary to wait for the end of the fights to evolve your Pokémon, and it is very bad.

#4 combined duo attacks

duo d

Other very precious moments in Pokemon are the presence of duo or even trio fights. In the video game, Ash would be a very bad trainer. But in the anime, the fact that he can modify the fight according to his will is interesting and has already given us several of the best fights. During his confrontation against Levy & Tatia, he orders Pikachu to use a powerful Thunderbolt on his own ally, Heledelle, which has the effect of giving the flying Pokémon Elektrik armor, giving it enough power to break the Wall of Light from within. face. In the games, it would have given above all a… Hélédelle cooked. Pokémon later in the anime were able to use two abilities at the same time, such as Ash’s Mustebuoy does. It will simultaneously use Aqua-Jet and Ice Laser to create an all-new devastating attack. What fun it would be to see these mechanics in the game series…

#5 you can earn badges other than by fighting

Pokemon badges

This point seems to correct itself over time in the series of games. Since the 7th generation, Game Freak seems to want to be inspired by the anime for obtaining badges. Because in the series, Sacha has already received badges without fighting, or after a defeat. It is possible, because they are above all representations of what a trainer is as a human and not as a powerful fighter.

#6 Specters were too powerful

pokemon ghost

The case of completely absurd resistors in the anime has already been mentioned above, but that of specters is much rarer. The Specter type has always been the weirdest of them all. With the normal type, they are immune to each other. However, the anime showed several times ghosts interacting with -randomly- Meowth from Team Rocket. We have also seen several times attacks of different types pass completely through them! This was corrected very late in the anime, when Ash will summon his Gengar at the World Coronation. By the way, a little additional information to make you realize how weird the Specter type having to represent dead or similar Pokémon is: they can lay eggs.

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