Pokemon Go Gen 4 Pokemon List Details

Pokemon Go Gen 4 Pokemon List Details: Pokémon Go’s Generation 4 will include 107 new Pokémon, making it the second-largest addition of new creatures to the game since its summer 2016 launch – surpassing the roughly 80 new creatures introduced in Gen 2, and coming close to the numbers seen in Gen 3. Gen 4 will be released on July 26th, and it will be the game’s fourth generation.

Pokemon Go Gen 4 Pokemon List Details
Pokemon Go Gen 4 Pokemon List Details

In keeping with the name, Gen 4 Pokémon come from the fourth generation of games in the series – Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum – and include numerous evolutions of animals from previous generations, as well as some new baby Pokémon and, as is usually the case, completely new Legendary monsters. The fourth-generation has finally come, after months of teasers and clues – and, like the third generation, they will be released in phases.

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Pokemon GO Gen 4 Pokemon List

Because of the widespread availability of the ability to catch Celebi, many top Pokemon Go players are approaching the conclusion of the third generation of animals, which is fantastic news for trainers. In all, 107 new Pokemon are introduced in Generation 4, making it the second-largest number of new creatures introduced to the massively popular mobile game since its launch in 2016.

All of the Pokémon in Generation 4 of Pokemon Go made their debuts in the Sinnoh Region in the Nintendo DS games Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, and all of them made their debuts in the Sinnoh Region of Pokemon Go. Many of these new Pokemon are really evolved versions of Pokemon that previously existed in Pokemon Go – such as new Eevee Evolutions, Baby Pokemon, and new forms – and are thus not considered new Pokemon. There are also nine legendary Pokemon and five mythical Pokemon in the game, which means there will be plenty of fresh fodder for Pokemon Go’s field research, special research missions, and EX Raid fights in the next year.

Pokemon Go Gen 4 Pokemon List Details
Pokemon Go Gen 4 Pokemon List Details
  • Turtwig (#387) > Grotle (#388) > Torterra (#389)
  • Shinx (#403) > Luxio (#404) > Luxray (#405)
  • Pachirisu (#417)
  • Chatot (#441)
  • Buneary (#427) > Lopunny (#428)
  • Riolu (#447) > Lucario (#448)
  • Carnivine (#455)
  • Chimchar (#390) > Monferno (#391) > Infernape (#392)
  • Piplup (#393) > Prinplup (#394) > Empoleon (#395)
  • Starly (#396) > Staravia (#397) > Staraptor (#398)
  • Bidoof (#399) > Bibarel (#400)
  • Kricketot (#401) > Kricketune (#402)

You may anticipate balancing modifications in reaction to all of these brand-new arrivals, including adjustments to our Pokemon Go Tier List and other shifts in response to the newcomers. It’s likely that the Pokemon Go Egg Hatching chart may alter when new possible gen 4 egg hatches are introduced and old hatches are eventually phased out, for example. Though there are no new Pokemon kinds introduced with Generation 4, there are new type combinations that will be included into the type strengths and weaknesses table for use in battle.

Pokemon Go Gen 4 Evolution
Pokemon Go Gen 4 Evolution

Other Pokemons

Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit made their debut at the end of April, bucking the norm by being the first Legendaries to emerge in the game as wild spawns in almost a year. They are very uncommon, but the good news is that they may be found in Legendary Raids in various areas throughout the month of May.

It seemed that Shellos was also published at the same time, but it was later retracted, so even if some people have it, it’s probably better not to regard it as an official release at this time.

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