Quidditch Champions: the game has leaked, Harry Potter fans will love it


Quidditch Champions has leaked on the web and is already selling dreams to fans of Harry Potter and Hogwarts Legacy. Anyway, it’s very promising.


Quidditch Champions is Warner’s next big game around the universe of Harry Potter. After the success of Hogwarts Legacy, the franchise is more than ever on the front of the stage. This new exclusively multiplayer game already promises to break records, so many fans are there. Especially since quidditch is one of the great absentees fromHogwarts Legacy. A lack that can therefore soon be filled with Quidditch Champion, and it promises to be extremely faithful.

Hogwarts Legacy fans will finally be able to play quidditch!

Although it is not known exactly when the game will be released, Quidditch Champions shouldn’t be long either. Currently, the game is in the middle of a test phase, and some smart guys have had fun blowing up their NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to share content online, as revealed by the Insider Gaming site. Several videos of a few minutes indeed appeared on the web and on Twitch before disappearing. Some are certainly still online today.

Quidditch Champions presents itself as a game-service type online game, with a multitude of customization elements such as celebrations or options to customize your avatar. You can create your character from scratch by choosing a role and a broom. Visually, the game will opt for a very colorful, almost cartoonish artistic direction, far from what the last big game offers. Harry Potter.

It seems to be perfect for this type of experience, especially since it allows for an extremely fluid, readable and attractive game. Readability should be challenged in Quidditch Champions. Because let’s remember, according to the rules of this totally imaginary magical sport, there are several completely different roles on the field.

There are the seekers chasing the snitch, a small, extremely fast golden ball. There are also several chasers, who must score goals, beaters, who must prevent the chasers from scoring by hitting them with a Bludger (a very aggressive ball), and finally a goalkeeper.

Suffice to say that a lot of things will happen on the ground. Everything is obviously done in full flight thanks to magic brooms. In short, an experience similar to what we have already seen in the movies Harry Potter. Fans should most definitely enjoy.

Leaks aside, Quidditch Champions should show up again soon and give us some official news. The game is currently expected on consoles and PC, but without any specific date.


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