How to Take a Snapshot in Pokemon Go {Step By Step Guide}


How to Take a Snapshot in Pokemon Go: Select the Pokémon you want to snap an AR picture of from your Pokémon menu and touch the Camera button to start the camera roll. Even if you aren’t utilizing AR+, your Pokémon will be put in your surroundings on their own initiative. If you’re using AR+, gently pan your camera over a flat, open surface until it stops (like the ground or a tabletop). Once your smartphone has properly identified your surroundings, it will display a series of sparkles and yellow footprints. Tap on the ground wherever you see footprints to put your Pokémon on top of the ground.

New Pokemon Snap event has begun in Pokemon Go

This event requires participants to accomplish a series of Timed Research activities, the majority of which revolve around capturing images of wild Pokemon. To learn more about what these Timed Research assignments include and the prizes you may earn for completing them, see our complete guide.

  • Take a picture of a wild Pokemon is different from taking a snapshot of a Pokemon that has previously been caught in the game.
  • If you’ve never taken a picture of a wild Pokemon before, here’s everything you need to know to get started.
  • The capture screen will appear once you have tapped on a wild Pokemon, as you can see below.
  • Tap the camera icon at the very top of the screen instead of tossing a fruit or throwing a ball at the Pokemon.
  • Now, touch on the capture button at the bottom of the screen to snap a photo of the wild Pokemon in its natural habitat.
  • Taking a picture of a wild Pokemon will count toward any current missions that need you to photograph a wild Pokemon. (Keep in mind that certain assignments may need you to capture photographs of Pokemon that belong to particular “types,” such as Ground-type Pokemon.)

Return to the capture screen by tapping the checkmark or trash can icon at the bottom of the screen, depending on whether you want to save or remove the image. Then, to return to the capture screen, click on the back arrow in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

How to Take a Snapshot in Pokemon Go
How to Take a Snapshot in Pokemon Go

Method No. 2

You are now free to roam about and locate the finest perspectives for your photograph. Some things you can do to position your Pokémon for a successful shot are as follows:

  • Once you’ve tapped your Pokémon once, they’ll strike a posture.
  • When you tap and massage your Pokémon, they will turn to face you in the direction you are currently in.
  • To recall your Pokémon and reposition them in a new location, click on the button in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Take your GO Snapshot when you’re ready by tapping the Camera button on your device’s screen.
  • Even if you snap numerous photos, all of them are stored in the memory of your smartphone.
  • When you click the depart button in the upper-left corner, you’ll be sent to a gallery of the pictures you took during that session.

Once you’ve decided on a Buddy Pokémon, you’ll be able to photograph them while they’re engaging with you. With the shared AR experience function, you may now capture GO Snapshots with your buddy as well as up to two of your friends’ friends.

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