The creators of Spider-Man: A New Universe explain how they screwed up Pixar with their movie


Peter Parker in Spider-Man: A New Universe

Spider-Man: A New Universe was an audiovisual revolution in the animation industry, and when Pixar thought that no one could stand up to them, Spider-Man appeared.

Spider-Man: A New Universe (2018) has been one of the films of animation in CGI most striking in recent years, causing several studies to have begun to imitate its stylized graphic bet.

The look of the tape was closer to that of the original comic on which it was based than to that of the animated films in 3D to which studios like Pixar had accustomed us, setting a standard in the industry.

A New Universe Fucked Pixar Like No Other Movie

Kemp Powers he was also very surprised the first time he saw the movie animated by spider-man. At the time Powers was working as director of Soul (2019) in pixarand the team a new universe invited people in the studio to see a preview version of Spider-Man: A New Universe.

At first, Kemp Powers thought it was too daring to show off his material to the competition, but he was soon enchanted by the images. He said that it was hard to impress Pixar when it came to animation, but watching Spider-Man: A New Universe everyone was left speechless.

That reaction was really gratifying. People came up afterwards and said, well, you just screwed us. It was great to feel like we were changing the way the industry looked at what animation could be.”, explained the producer and director of the film Chris Miller.

At its premiere, Spider-Man: A New Universe It was a hit with audiences and critics. “They took all the superhero tropes and subverted them. […] The movie it had soul, emotion and was incredibly funny. like everyone else, I was stunnedKemp Powers added.

Spider-Man: A New Universe will continue to expand its world in the coming years, with Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiverse (2023) and Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse (2024) which now has Kemp Powers directing.

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