The Daniels, Directors of All at Once Everywhere, Join the Star Wars Universe


Daniels Everything at once everywhere

The Daniels, Oscar-winning directors of All at Once Everywhere (Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert) have crossed over into the Star Wars universe by directing at least one episode of Skeleton Crew.

The danielsthe fashion director duo after sweeping the Oscars with Everything at once everywhere (Everything Everywhere All at Once), cross over to the universe of Star Wars.

Sources from The Hollywood Reporter confirm that the directors have directed at least one chapter of the series Skeleton Crewone of the future Star Wars series for Disney+.

It should be emphasized that daniel kwan and daniel scheinertwho artistically sign as Daniels, have already directed one or more episodes of the series, whose filming began last summer and has already ended, in absolute secrecy.

The Daniels will bring their vision to the Star Wars universe

The Daniels’ contribution to Star Wars thus came before their brutal sweep at the Oscars, where their second feature, Theard at once everywhere it won seven awards, and three of them went to the hands of 35-year-old young directors: Best Film, Director and Screenplay.

The Daniels also led their chapter before signing a five-year exclusivity deal with Universal Pictureswhich in principle would prevent Disney from returning to direct a Star Wars movie in the next five years (now that so many projects are falling apart).

Skeleton Crew is one of the Star Wars series scheduled to premiere in 2023, after The Mandalorian 3 and Ahsoka, and has been created by jon wattsknown for directing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man trilogy.

The series will have a more relaxed tone than things like Andor or Obi-Wanas it will follow the story of some kids lost in the galaxy, in a kind of “coming of age” Amblin style (ie, The Goonies, Super 8, Count on Me…).

The only confirmed cast member is Jude Law, and the other Star Wars Skeleton Crew directors aside from Daniels and Watts are unknown, but are scheduled to releases in 2023.

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