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What Does Smp Stands For Minecraft: SMP is an abbreviation for Survival Multiplayer. That’s all there is to it! The term refers to a kind of Minecraft server that focuses on the survival element of the game, but with a community rather than just you as the primary player on the server. You might argue that Minecraft was initially meant to be a single-player only game (SMP) since that is exactly what it is when played without any plugins or modifications.

Minecraft SMP
Minecraft SMP

Survival Multiplayer servers were the most popular kind of server in Minecraft a long time ago, before the advent of Hypixel and the proliferation of minigame servers. It is now considered to be the second most prevalent language in the world. This is the kind of gameplay that may be found on Factions PvP, PvE Survival, Vanilla, and other similar games. This style of play defaulted on a server that did not have an excessive number of plugins or modifications installed. A variety of SMP subclasses are available, each of which caters to a particular kind of player and a distinct playing style.

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Modes of SMP


There is a complete absence of structure. There are no regulations, and there are no restrictions. Anyone has the ability to do anything, including hacking, cheating, stealing, grieving, and more. This is a fairly specialized playstyle, yet it is an excellent match for individuals who desire full control over their gameplay. There are certain drawbacks to a lack of regulations, however, such as community toxicity, which may occur as a consequence.


It’s similar to Vanilla, but it contains plugins that make the players’ lives a bit simpler as well. Plugins, such as /tpa or /home, are often used to make things easier for the players themselves. There is also a store allowing gamers to sell their goods to one another on occasion. Because of the plugins, the game isn’t significantly different from Vanilla, but the experience is nonetheless more pleasant as a consequence of their inclusion.


Our is, without a doubt, the most diverse subcategory on this list. Modified servers are fairly self-explanatory in their operation. The term “modified server” refers to any server that changes the game files by adding or deleting game mechanics, objects, or features. In most cases, this will be accomplished via the use of a modding platform such as Forge or Fabric. In contrast to the majority of the other subcategories, this one is not mutually exclusive from the others.

Minecraft SMP Youtube
Minecraft SMP Youtube

Plain vanilla PvE and peaceful

Just like Vanilla, except without the PvP functionality. Generally speaking, these servers place a greater emphasis on community and construction than they do on PvP or anything else. This is a high niche server type since only a tiny part of the community chooses to play on a server with no PvP or aggressive monsters activated. This is due to the fact that the majority of gamers in the community like the challenge that monsters or other players provide.


Using the very popular Factions addon, this kind of server enables users to create factions and claim territory depending on the strength and size of their group. It is mainly focused on PvP, war, and other forms of confrontation. On certain servers, a more gentle version of this is available under the name “Towny,” which is a bit different and more economy-focused than the original but has the same fundamental concepts as the original.


A traditional survival challenge in which you and a small group of friends (and perhaps foes) try to live and thrive on a very tiny island in the sky with few resources is presented. Even though this is not a conventional game mode, it was very popular back in the day, and it is characterised by the fact that it allows the player to utilise their intellect and creativity to create something out of absolutely nothing.

Dream Minecraft SMP Youtube
Dream Minecraft SMP Youtube


You should now be well-versed in all things SMP. It’s a significant component of Minecraft, and the vast majority of the Minecraft community spends a significant amount of time on SMP. While it’s not necessary to play in Creative, modified, or other modes in order to have fun, it’s fascinating to learn about all the various ways people enjoy their favorite block game. I recall creating my first survival world back when Minecraft was still in its infancy, and fantasising about the potential of a multiplayer version of the game at the time. SMP represents the culmination of that ambition.

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