Where To Collect Cat Food in Fortnite

Where To Collect Cat Food in Fortnite: There are many things to acquire in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, as well as cat chow, which may be obtained by completing missions. Cat food may be purchased in a package that looks like a shipping carton and contains food specifically for cats. Players must locate and gather cat food in order to accomplish one of Fortnite’s famous challenges, which can be found here. After collecting two boxes of cat food, a player will get 30,000 XP and will be considered to have successfully completed the task. Continue reading to find out how to gather cat chow in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Despite the alien invasion, Fortnite Season 7 is progressing well. You’re tasked with gathering cat food cans in the latest round of legendary tasks. Sure. We’ll just have to roll with it. This is the fifth and final task in a five-part series of quests, so be sure to check out our Fortnite guidelines page for information on the prior missions. You may put welcome signs for our favorite aliens in the following locations. You can also put boomboxes at Believer Beach in the following locations. To accomplish this task, you’ll need to gather two cat food packets from various locations. Fortunately, there are a variety of options available, but we focused on two of the most convenient places to find them.

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What is the best way to collect cat food in Fortnite?

For a player to be able to gather cat food in Fortnite, he or she must go to one of the two places listed above. Keep in mind that in order to accomplish the legendary quest, you must collect two cartons/packages from different locations. Being on the lookout for enemy encounters at various places would be an excellent in-game tactic. Once the cat food cartons have been discovered, they may be picked up by the player in the same way that other objects can be.

If a player knows where to look, finding the cat food containers should be a simple task. Otherwise, one may choose to forgo these epic missions in order to focus on taking on the aliens in the game instead. Be prepared to complete the task with plenty of excellent stuff and, if possible, a long-range weapon to survey the area before entering. It is likely that other players may be searching for the cat food cartons at the same places as you, so be prepared to engage in combat.

Where To Collect Cat Food in Fortnite
Where To Collect Cat Food in Fortnite

Cat Food Spots in Fortnite Battle Royale

  • Dirty Docks is one of the places that a player must visit in order to gather cat food in Fortnite, and it is the first of these destinations. A cat food packet may be located nearby, close to the Meowscles boxes, at the site. It is, however, more difficult to get the cat food packet at this location. This location also serves as an unprotected UFO parking lot, which means that a large number of players may flock to Dirty Docks in order to get their hands on the UFO.
  • Two cat food places can be found in Fortnite, one of which can be found near the north end of Retail Row. Located behind the larger buildings, beside a parked truck, the cat food packets are easy to find. The area is secure and would be simple for most players to reach unless an adversary is also attempting to gather and complete one of the Fortnite tasks at the same time.
  • An unopened cat food container may be found next to a pallet of Meowscles-branded boxes on the right side of the road at the southern end of Dirty Docks. This location seems to be a popular parking place for UFOs, so keep an eye out for them here.
  • One of the larger buildings on the north end of Retail Row, on the backside of which is an identical cat food packaging, is where you’ll discover the other. Look for the truck trailer that has been positioned near a loading dock entrance.

Once you’ve gathered both cat food packets, you’ll be rewarded with a substantial amount of extra XP, which will help you go farther in the battle pass.

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